RELEASED 11-11-2005
EAN 6419922001578


01. Blood of Kings**
02. In the Light**
03. To the Sea**
04. Blink of an Eye***
05. Empty Planet****
06. Lost and Foolish****
07. Calling for the Moon****
08. Toccata in D Minor
09. Going Down*
10. Walking the Talk*
11. The Holy Grail*
12. Auf Wiedersehen

Iain Ashley Hersey- Guitar + Bass + Keyboards
Graham Bonnet - Vocals (*)
David 'Swan' Montgomery - Vocals (**)
Randy Williams - Vocals (***)
Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz - Vocals (****)
Tony Medeiros - Drums
Dave Sutton - Bass
Paulo Gustavo- Bass
Philip Wolfe - Keyboards
Harlan Spector - Keyboards
Jim Austin - Keyboards

Produced by Pat Regan & Iain Ashley Hersey.
Mixed by Pat Regan.
Mastered by Brad Vance at Red Mastering.
Recorded at: Ocean Studios (Burbank, CA) Castle Sound (Chatsworth, CA) Snack Studio (Germany) Flying Dutchman Studio (Glendale, CA).
Engineers: Dennis McKay, Stefan Villanueva , Stephen 'Seegi' Seeger, Tim Luce.


‘The Holy Grail’ is the second album and debut on Lion Music from American Classic Hard Rock Guitarist/Composer Iain Ashley Hersey and follow up to his worldwide acclaimed debut release ‘Fallen Angel’ (Frontiers).

"The Holy Grail" is full of the kind of expressive hard rock that only a handful of artists are able to produce these days. Utilising 4 powerful vocalists in Graham Bonnett (Rainbow/ MSG / Alcatrazz) David ‘Swan” Montgomery (Led ZepAgain), Randy Williams and Carsten “Lizard” Schulz; Iain has managed to bring variety yet consistency in the quality stakes to this album. Fans of expressive guitar work will hear a true original in Iain Ashley Hersey with super warm Strat tones being his stock in trade.

Growing up in New England, Iain cut his teeth on the heavier British Rock Bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Bad Company and guitar players like Beck, Blackmore and Hendrix. Later seeking to develop his musical vocabulary he studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston where he expanded his musical realm into that of Jazz improvisation, eventually to return to the fold of Rock and Blues. Iain comments, "There was something about the pull of one's roots and missing the power that comes from simplicity.”

Certainly influenced by the voices from the past Iain has always strived to grow musically and develop his own style and has now certainly carved out his own unique voice and signature. To define his style would be conjure up an interesting recipe, and in his own words: “It’s kind of a heavy Bluesy Classic Rock with a hint of Fusion overtones.” But the comment that he most often hears and of which he most strongly identifies is: "People are always coming up and saying how much I sound like me." A connoisseur of vintage Fender Stratocaster’s Iain's playing contains some of the purist, sweetest and 'narlyist' tones from the instrument you will have the opportunity to experience. Shunning all hi-tech gadgets in favour of a 'less-is-more,' straight-ahead attitude he says, "Nothing beats a vintage Strat powered by an old Marshall!"

The 12 tracks on The Holy Grail travel through a variety of classic hard rock moods. On the album Iain notes, “My aim was to keep it simple, heavy, bluesy and melodic, as well as with having a strong groove and pocket. I also wanted to have a nice canvas allowing me to be able to let things rip”. Just one spin of the album will reveal that Hersey succeeded in his aim. The albums vintage overtones are further enhanced by the production and mix of Pat Regan (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Blackmores/Night, Mr Big,).