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RELEASED: 18-07-2008


01. Pellucid Part.1
02. Alien
03. Wings
04. In Your Head
05. Nearly Orgasmic
06. Black & Blues Skies
07. Splitted Hairs
08. Miracle
09. Rainbows & Butterflies
10. Time That Passed
11. Unspoken
12. I Am
13. Unforgiven
14. Pellucid Part.2

01. The Song Remains
02. Uncontrolled
03. In Your Head
04. Hey Lord
05. Best Of Times
06. Wings
07. Seven Bridges Road
08. Morning Over Morocco
09. You Are
10. Method Of Madness
11. Pellucid Part.2

Andreas Eklund - Lead vocals
Mats Hallstensson - Lead guitars, acoustic guitars, vocals
Anders Lundström – Guitars, Keyboards
Per Schelander - Bass, keyboards, vocals
Tony Andersson - Drums

Pontus Norgren – Guitar solo on In Your Head.
Nassim AlFakir – Percussion
Magnus Kronberg - Hammond

Produced by HoS
Recorded/Mixed at SMP Studio, Stockholm.
Recorded & Mixed by Pontus Norgren
Mastered at Polar Mastering, Stockholm.
Mastered by Mia Lorentzson and Pontus Norgren
Cover by Russin


Hot on the heels of last years “Retoxed” comes the long awaited reissue of Swedish melodic rockers House Of Shakira long out of print yet highly sought after third album “III”. Regarded at the time of release (2000) as an essential slice of melodic rock scoring a massive 98% at its reputation has only increased over the subsequent years.

“III” saw the early House Of Shakira sound as displayed on the bands classic debut “Lint” and follow up “On The Verge” pumped up a little more with even more infectious songs delivered with world class precision, passion and energy that have since gone on to be the bands trademark. Many of these tracks heard on “III” have gone on to be HOS live favourites and now thanks to demand from fans worldwide the album is available once again with the added bonus of a “limited edition” 11 track multi camera live DVD “Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2006” featuring a “best of” song selection from the bands catalogue of work on July 18th 2008 via Lion Music.

On the album bassist Per Schelander comments, “III has always been a favourite by everybody in the band. We had a lot of time in the studio and we were well prepared and knew exactly what we should do. This is also our only record where Mikael Eriksson (the bands original vocalist) didn’t do background vocals cause he was busy with his own career. Listening to it today I think it contents the ultimate mix between very radio friendly songs and more odd ones”.

When quizzed on his memory of the Sweden Rock Festival gig documented on the DVD Per reminisces, “Around 7 a clock in the morning on the 6th of June we jumped the van that was going to take us to Sweden rock festival. We arrived about one hour before the show and checked out our catering and became very happy as someone by mistake had put a bottle of vodka there! It is not in our rider so it must have been placed there for the band after us… Never mind… we hooked up our gear and by the time that was done the stage manager shouted “SHOWTIME”. So without even changing clothes from the bus ride we ran on stage and performed. The crowd was fantastic and after the show we got all thumbs-up from the stage crew. Anders saw that the bottle of vodka was still in the catering so he told me to pack his gear took the bottle and ran away. We didn’t see him during the rest of the festival”. Going by the live footage such a celebration is well deserved!

• House Of Shakira are widely regarded as one of the leading melodic rock bands and have a loyal fan base around the world.
• “III” has been out of print for a number of years and has a reputation as one of the finest melodic rock releases of the last decade.
• A limited pressing of “III” features a live DVD of the bands performance at Sweden Rock 2006.
• Album showcase at leading elite melodic rock outlets.