Please note this is a Lion Music distribution release.

01. Message.
02. Loving U.
03. Sometimes.
04. Spirit.
05. Crystals.
06. Can’t Live Without You.
07. Each Day.
08. We Feel.
09. Moments.
10. Between 2 Worlds.
11. Sometimes (acoustic)

John Jeff Touch: vocals, keys, programming, acoustic guitars.
Sotiris Gogos: electric/ acoustic guitars.
Milcho Leviev: piano (11), melodica (5).
Alex Deligiannidis: Bass.
Yiotis Kiourtsoglou: Bass (3).
Dario Ciccioni: Drums.

All music and lyrics written by John Jeff Touch,
except "Between 2 worlds" by Sotiris Gogos & John Jeff Touch.
All arrangements made by John Jeff Touch.
Produced, edited and engineered by John Jeff Touch.
Mixed by Harris Proios and John Jeff Touch.
Mastered at Fear Studios (Italy).
Photography/Design by Kostantinos Sapanas.


On The Edge


“First Touch”
is the beginning of John Jeff Touch's solo career.  The album is a collection of melodic / experimental rock numbers with impressive vocals and solos; combined with a unique atmosphere where the arrangements transcend the listener into another place. Each song has its own colour and mood and is a different part of John Jeff Touch and his life. The other musicians of the album are some of the finest of Europe. They added their own colour and the most suitable for this album.

 John Jeff Touch is one of the most promising singers of Europe. Expressiveness, wide vocal range and a big variety of sound colours characterise his singing.  John’s taken part in 3 European vocal contests where he’s been awarded with many prizes. In 2004 he worked with Lars Eric Mattsson and his band Vision for the album “On The Edge” (Lion Music); and in the following years has worked with many musicians in Europe including S.I.N., Cosmicray (album “Love Is” released on Plus REC/Universal 2007) and many others.  One of the most important moments of his life was when he met the guitarist Sotiris Gogo. Jeff calls him “one of the most talented guitarists in Europe”. They pair then started working together and Sotiris’ guitar work can be heard over John’s compositions on “First Touch”.

 The last few years have seen John composing and arranging his own material which is now released as “First Touch”. A collection of memories from John’s life was the inspiration and is now released for the first time.