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01. Thanx.
02. My Brother.
03. Dance In The City.
04. I Believe In You.
05. Loneliness In Your Eyes.
06. Laura.
07. Oh No, Once Again?!
08. Ehy...What's Up?
09. Like A Bird.

Simone Fiorletta - Guitars
Andrea De Paoli (Labyrinth) - Keyboards
Matteo Raggi - Bass
Marco Aiello - Drums

Neil Zaza - guitar
Mistheria (B. Dickinson and more) - keyboards
Valerio D'Anna (Moonlight Comedy) - synth
Armando Pizzuti (Moonlight Comedy) - bass
Fabrizio Auri - drums

Produced by Simone Fiorletta.
All songs written by Fiorletta.
Drums recorded by Sandro Assante at "BlabLab"; Keyboards recorded by Andrea De Paoli at "MD Sound Studio". Bass and Guitars recorded by Simone Fiorletta at "SF Digital Studio". Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Simone Fiorletta at "SF Digital Studio".




Back with his third solo album “When Reality Is Nothing”, Moonlight Comedy guitarist Simone Fiorletta takes the listener on a voyage through a myriad of rock guitar textures and expressions.   Building upon the foundations laid by his two previous solo efforts (“Parallel Worlds” and “My Secret Diary”) Simone has come up with an album that shows a change in his approach to the instrument, with a more earthy texture and mature penmanship yet all led by the luxurious guitar work that has earnt Simone a legion of fans. 

 “When Reality Is Nothing” is a solid rock guitar album with each tracks inspiration coming from Simone’s own personal experiences, mirroring his soul.  Opener “Thanx” is a dedication to Simone’s own parents, whilst “My Brother” is a musical reflection of his brothers’ personality and spirits. More earthy topics also were sources of inspiration with “Like A Bird” being penned to represent a sense of freedom.

Once again Simone has worked with Labyrinth keyboardist Andrea De Paoli whilst the drum stool is largely occupied this time by Marco Aiello with bass work being handled by Matteo Raggi.  To add further flavour to the album Simone called upon special guests to add their own classy performances.   One of instrumental guitar’s leading authorities Neil Zaza provides a solo, whilst keyboard whiz Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson, Angel Of Eden) adds further keyboard flourishes.  Simone’s fellow Moonlight Comedy musicians Valerio D'Anna (Synth) and Armando Pizzuti (Bass) also lend their skills to their fellow band mates’ solo album.

“When Reality Is Nothing” was written and recorded over a short space of time from Nov 2008 to March 2009.  This timescale helped lend a new freshness to Simone’s solo work, and indeed further inspiration derived by it being the first album to be recorded, edited, mixed and mastered personally in Simone’s own studio "SF Digital Studio", with the exception of the drums being recorded by Sandro Assante at "BlabLab" Studios.

“When Reality Is Nothing” is an album that will appeal to fans of early albums from Joe Satriani (The Extremist) and indeed those from one of its contributors Neil Zaza.  Simply said an enthralling release for anyone with an interest in modern rock guitar.

Great third solo album from one of Italy’s most respected rock musicians.
Home to guest performances from Neil Zaza, Mistheria and more.
Simone Fiorletta is available for interview and also able to make custom radio station ID’s. To arrange yours please contact