Released March 21st 2008


01. Forspil (intro) 0:28
02. Devils in Disguise 4:36
03. World Set on Fire 3:30
04. Skies and Oceans 4:00
05. Sevdah Metal Rhapsody 11:53
06. Stand And Fight 5:45
07. Endless Pain 4:12
08. Hora Martisorului (instrumental) 1:50
09. Land of The Dark 3:42
10. You 8:27

Emir Hot – All Guitars and Bass.
John West – Vocals
Mike Terrana - Drums

Accordion on tracks 3, 4, 5 by Muhamed Sehic – Hamic
Accordion on track 5 (2:34 – 2:58) by Anto Filipovic
Saz – intro on track 5 by Avdija Agusi
12 string and nylon string guitars on track 5 (5:55 – 7:08) by Atila Hajdarevic – Miko and Adnan Perisic - Pero
Guitar solo on track 5 (5:20 – 5:37) by Muris Varajic
Guitar solo on track 5 (5:37 – 5:54) by Misha Nikolic
Orchestration on track 5 by Misha Nikolic
Keyboard solos on tracks 3, 9, 10 by Brandon Morris
Piano on track 7 by Miralem Osmic
Piano and keyboards on tracks 5 and 6 by Bruno Matijasevic
Female vocals on track 10 by Charlie Squire
Additional programming by Emir Hot

Produced and arranged by Emir Hot
All lyrics written by Emir Hot
Recorded at “Monster Trax Studio”, London, UK (June – October 2007) by Misha Nikolic
Mixed at studio “Deva”, Split – Croatia (October 2007) by Dean Clea Brkic, assisted by Dado Marusic
Tracks 2,3,4,6,7,9,10 written by Emir Hot
Track 1 – Bosnian traditional intro melody (used in many traditional songs), unknown composer
Track 5 – medley of traditional central and eastern Balkan songs
Track 8 written by Romanian violin maestro Grigoras Dinicu
Cover art and graphic design by Luka Skalabrin –


und the world.

Bosnian guitarist Emir Hot makes a serious statement of intent with his debut release ‘Sevdah Metal’. The album represents something fresh for the metal realm with its blend of melodic, progressive and neo-classical metal styling mixed with traditional Eastern Balkan music with strong influence taken from the ‘Sevdah’ style of Bosnian music (a Bosnian style of blues) to create the unique Emir Hot sound.

Adding more fire to Emir’s impressive song writing and guitar work is the soaring voice of ex Royal Hunt / Artension vocalist John West and drum legend Mike Terrana (Masterplan, ex Malmsteen, Axel Rudi Pell, Artension) whose precise and powerful play add even more energy to the 10 tracks on offer. On their input Emir comments, “John and Mike made it sound live and real. Although the arrangements and the songs are all my ideas, the way they performed on this record definitely put it on a much higher level than I had in mind when I was writing it”.

‘Sevdah Metal’ is an album born out of great adversity and is heavily influenced by this. From Emir’s troubles in his beloved former homeland Bosnia (Emir now resides in the UK) to the state of the world today, all have made a mark on the lyrics and music. Yet within the ten tracks there is a light of hope, of perseverance prevailing perhaps best exemplified on the track ‘Stand And Fight’, a emotionally rich metal ballad with impassioned vocals and guitar solo which has earned great praise from those that have already heard it, making it a natural contender for radio single.

» ‘Sevdah Metal’ marks a unique amalgamation of metal and traditional Bosnian music.
» In 2005 Emir won the “UK Guitar Hero” of the year competition gaining him recognition in leading guitar press.
» ‘Sevdah Metal’ guests John West and Mike Terrana have large fan bases worldwide.
» Emir is available for interview now. To arrange yours please contact
» Reviews in all leading rock/metal press in printed and electronic media.