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01. Endless Space.
02. Joy Of Illusion.
03. Step Ahead.
04. Enlightening Darkness.
05. Renewed.
06. Magic.
07. Taking Control.
08. Virtual Redefinition.
09. Arrival.

Tommy Ermolli - guitars and bass.
Dario Ciccioni - Drums and percussions.
Daniele Liverani - Keyboards.
Alberto Rigoni - Bass on Joy of Illusion, Enlightening Darkness, Renewed, Magic.

All songs written, composed and produced by Tommy Ermolli.
Drums recorded at New Frontiers Recording Studio (NFRS), Rovigo, IT.
All guitars, bass and keyboards recorded at Black Stripes Studio, Pernumia, IT.
Mixed by Tommy Ermolli and Ugo Bolzoni at NFRS.
Mastered by Ugo Bolzoni at NFRS.
Cover and artwork by Dario Ciccioni.
Original cover photo by Luigi Caterino.


Lion Music proudly announces the release of TOMMY ERMOLLI’s debut solo album entitled “Step Ahead” on October 6th. Tommy Ermolli is a guitarist who wows all those that hear him. Still only at the age of 21 the Twinspirits and Khymera guitarist has crafted a solo album of his own set for release on October 6th through Lion Music.

“Step Ahead” shows Ermolli deliver 9 tracks predominantly in a rock setting showing both his melodic and virtuosic guitar styles. These tracks are mirrored with a couple of softer numbers for good measure. All of which showcase Tommy’s guitar and compositional skill with strong production values.

Aided by his Twinspirits band colleagues Daniele Liverani (keyboards), Dario Ciccioni (Drums and percussion) and Alberto Rigoni (Bass on Joy of Illusion, Enlightening Darkness, Renewed, Magic) the sound on “Step Ahead” is a very accessible guitar album, aided by the strong melodies and interesting compositions. Among his influences Tommy counts Joe Satriani, Andy Timmons, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci. Whilst traces of these players can be heard in a few tracks, there is also an original style at play, something which is also apparent in Tommy’s band works.

On the albums creation Tommy comments, “I started to write the album in 2004, after a really sad event that happened in my family. We lost a dear relative in a car accident and so I wrote "Magic", that was his nickname among his friends. The song is dedicated to him. After that, I decided to write all the other songs and so a "solo" album took shape. As I have a pro studio at my home, I recorded almost everything there over the last few years. The drums were recorded at New Frontiers Recording Studio, in Rovigo, Italy. There we also did the mix and the master. When I had the final master in my hands I looked for someone to release it and my Lion Music connection through Twinspirits came in handy!”

“Step Ahead” sees a young guitarist deliver a mature album and is set to introduce Tommy Ermolli to a wider audience. Available on CD and digital download.

» Superb debut album from a young guitar virtuoso who is building a strong fan base worldwide.
» Aided by his Twinspirits band members the album also holds cross over potential for fans of the progressive metal band.
» Tommy has his own tutorial column in Italian guitar magazine “Axe” which has national distribution.
» Tommy is an endorser of Bogner amplification and Bruno Traverso guitars.
» Tommy is available for interview in Italian or English. To arrange your interview please contact