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01. Theory Of Nothing.
02. Ladies Of The House.
03. Queen Of Headfuck.
04. The Past.
05. Breakfast At Owsley’s.
06. Big Bad Science.
07. Scratch The Meat.
08. Jam On Haunted Hill.
09. Have A Talk With God.
10. Soul Virus Hack.

Alex Masi – All instruments.

Written, recorded, mixed and produced by Alex Masi.

 Late Nights At Desert Rimrock


Alex Masi is a guitarist that is constantly pushing the boundaries and challenging himself as a musician. Never content to stay in one musical climate too long, his career is a smorgasbord of musical styles and directions from all out metal, fusion, straight classical to ethnic world influences whether under his own name of the fusion rock outfit MCM. One thing has remained a constant throughout all these albums and that’s Masi’s mastery of the instrument.

Now almost 4 years on from his last solo album Alex returns with his most adventurous and personal album to date – “Theory Of Everything”, an album which has content and an approach quite different to your typical guitar album.

This 10 track instrumental collection of album sees a first for Masi with him handling all aspects of the albums creation himself. This showcases a brand new approach to making music for Masi, something he is keen on exploring and developing a lot more in the future.

“Theory Of Everything” sees Alex stay away from the typical approach used when making guitar albums and explored new compositional possibilities. This is an electric album recorded without using other musicians and it tries to stay away as much as possible from the realm of what's expected from a guitar based album. On handling all aspects himself Alex comments, “The only "new band member" is the new (for me) technology used to make this album. Lots of new software, samples and loops. It really felt like dealing with someone's personality at times. Enjoyable though”.

When not writing or recording his own material Alex Masi is a much sought after session musician with gigs from the heaviest of metal to hip-hop to pop to funk. This eclectic mix of styles is mirrored in the songs on “Theory Of Everything”, from the almost Prodigy esque opening title track, the rock meets middle eastern vibe of “Ladies Of The House”, to the subtle Jeff Beck like phrasing of “The Past”. Fans of Masi’s full on rock past are well served with “Breakfast At Owley’s” amongst others whilst the funk rock tinged “Queen Of Headfuck” makes for a diverse yet easily digestible instrumental offering.

Writing and recording and writing for “Theory Of Everything” ran simultaneously with Masi developing song ideas in his home studio (Haunted Hill) in Studio City, California during the summer of 2009, between a break in European tours. With the album being finished up at the start of 2010. In the run up to the release of the album Alex is currently on tour in Europe performing solo gigs.

“Theory Of Everything” sees Alex Masi jump headfirst into 2010 with style and panache that befits one of the genres most alluring players and composers.

• A fresh new take on the guitar instrumental genre from one of the instrumental most praised players.
•Reviews in all leading rock/metal press and specialist publications. Alex Masi is available for interview in English or Italian.
•Alex is an endorser for Ernie Ball guitars and much in demand session musician.