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01. Rocket Surgery
02. Wizard of Odd
03. Seizure Salad
04. Blue Shift
05. Left of Right
06. Nitrous Oxide Strut
07. Professor Grunklesplat’s Math Assignment
08. Pathos
09. Prosthetic Brain
10. Ocean Blues

Michael Harris – Guitar, Guitar synth, Keyboards
Adam Nitti – Bass
David Harbour – Bass
James Martin – Bass
Bunny Brunel – Bass
Mike Haid - Drums
Marco Minnemann – Drums
Bernard Wright – Keyboard solo on “Seizure Salad”

Recorded and mixed @ PsychoSound and Nomad
Mastered at Nomad by Gary Long
All Music Composed by Michael Harris
Produced by Michael Harris  

Michael Harris
Ego Decimation Profile

Michael Harris

Michael Harris
Worlds Collide

Guitar virtuoso Michael Harris returns after the successful “Orchestrate” album ready to take on a fresh new challenge in his ever widening musical vocabulary.  Enter ‘Tranz-Fused’ which is Harris’ first all fusion instrumental recording; although this isn’t just jazz fusion in its purest sense as it incorporates prog, metal, blues and some funk elements as well.  Despite the change of musical expression one thing remains the same - the stunning guitar work of Michael Harris.

Michael’s musical goal with making the album was  first and foremost strong songs with melodies that hold up as well as a little wackiness.  In a performance sense Michael has delivered a strong yet tasteful vibe with effective dynamics.  Sonically Michael has gone for a more stripped down approach with less overdubs and making use of cleaner guitar sounds, old school fusion keyboard and some guitar synth sounds as well as a dose of effects such as octave and ring modulators for true authenticity.  Influences for the album have come from the likes of Clint Strong, John Scofield, Pat Martino, Al DiMeola, Scott Henderson and Jeff Beck.

Joining Michael for the album is a stellar supporting cast of bassists Adam Nitti, David Harbour, James Martin and Bunny Brunel.  Drums come from Mike Haid and Marco Minnemann and Bernard Wright delivers a keyboard solo on “Seizure Salad”.  On his fellow musicians Harris comments; “I was grateful to have a roster of great musicians on the record, who all brought chops, style, dynamics, and substance to the table!”.

“Tranz-Fused” is a welcome return from one of the instrumental scenes best loved players.
Marco Minnemann Mike Haid Bunny Brunel
Adam Nitti James Martin David Harbour

• Michael Harris is one of the worlds leading underground guitar virtuosos with a loyal worldwide fanbase.
• Tranz-Fused is a musically accomplished release full of first class musicians and performances.
• Reviews in all leading rock/metal printed/electronic media.
• Michael Harris is available for interview, and for radio station ID’s. Please send your requests to