Released April 20th 2007


01. Starting To Unravel.
02. Creation.
03. Sleepless Lullaby.
04. Focus On Acid.
05. Black & Blue.
06. Hidden.
07. Undone.
08. Air.

Aniek Janssen - Vocals & Flute
Coert Bouten - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Marcel Volleberg - Rhythm Guitar
Sjoerd Hoeijmakers - Bass Guitar
Roel van Helden - Drums & Percussion

Rene Kroon - Piano & Keyboards on “Air”
Leon Brouwer - Vocals on “Air”

Recorded at the Markant Studio Heeze (NL) from 14-24 october 2006
Backing vocals & Leon’s vocals recorded by Joost van den Broek in Enschede (NL) on the 10th of November 2006
Produced by Delphian
Engineered by Edwin Balogh
Vocal Coaching by Edwin Balogh
Mixed and mastered by Peer Rave at the Custom Recording studio in Eindhoven (NL)


Raw and honest; that’s how the recordings of “Unravel”, Delphian’s second album, can best be described. The band went for the recording-takes which had the best feel and flow, which led to a grooving and heavy album.

The Dutch quintet Delphian was founded in the beginning of this century by guitarist Coert Bouten and drummer Roel van Helden (also in the band Sun Caged). After a long search and a dozen musicians, the current line-up was finally completed in the summer of 2003.

The first demo CD (2004) got a lot of positive reviews and made a deal possible with the Finnish label Lion Music. The debut album “Oracle” was released in July 2005. While the second album “Unravel” will see the light in April 2007.

The style of Delphian has evolved from progressive metal in the earlier recordings to a heavy kind of rock on the latest album “Unravel”. From heavy 7-string thrashy songs like “Starting to Unravel” to an epic 10+ minute semi ballad “Air”. All completed with dramatic, emotional lyrics and vocals by female singer Aniek Janssen. Reviewers speak of a non-comparable unique sound, consisting of dynamic and creative rhythms combined with melodic guitar riffs and crystal clear vocals and flute playing.

» A band with a original sound completed with excellent female vocals. ‘Unravel’ is home to a more accessible sound than the bands ‘Oracle’ debut.
» 10 minute mp3 sampler available on both Delphian and Lion Music website.
» Another band of Lion Music’s Dutch metal talent.
» Drummer Roel Van Helden is also a member of Sun Caged.
» Reviews in all leading rock/metal publications/webzines.