One of Italy’s most original and intelligent up and coming metal acts; The Moor is a band not afraid to incorporate music from any rock idiom to give the listener an original listening experience as their full length debut “Year Of The Hunger” will showcase on 16th November 2012.

"Year Of The Hunger" is home to 12 tracks which show a strong statement of intent as to the bands quality and potential.

Whilst the bands self-titled 5 track EP (which saw digital release at the turn of 2012 on Lion Music) gave a glimpse of things to the come, "Year Of The Hunger" builds on the promise shown by the EP to deliver a well executed and mature sounding debut release, a point not lost on the bands vocalist/guitarist Enrico Longhin,

"Year Of The Hunger is our first album, but we have been playing and releasing stuff with our old bands since 2000, that’s why there’s a maturity and complexity that is hard to find in other debut-releases".

Since their inception, The Moor has consistently incorporated sounds from prog rock, metal, death metal (for the guitars parts), seventies and alternative influences into their compositions making for a very compelling end product that will reward any open minded listener.

On the band’s vision for the album Longhin comments, "The main goal was to keep the sound as natural as possible and to avoid anything that sounds

fake or "plastic", we want to keep an emotional approach to the songs and let the listeners understand how we really play".

Whilst "Year Of The Hunger" is not a concept album lyrically, there are two themes running through the words representing either a negative outlook (the noble truth of suffering), or a positive outlook (the path of liberation). This contrast gives light and shade to the lyrics helping aid the more personalised sound.

The creative process for "Year Of The Hunger" began shortly after the bands independent release of their debut EP with most songs being written in the summer/fall of 2011. The recording process then began at the beginning of 2012, with all recordings being finalised in March. After a short delay the mix was ready in the summer of 2012 with mastering sessions taking place at Fascination Street Studios by the world acclaimed Jens Bogren (James LaBrie, Devin Townsend, Opeth, Paradise Lost) in September 2012.


01. Hyperuranium.
02. The Others.
03. The Road.
04. Covered.
05. Year Of The Hunger.
06. Clouds and Shales.
07. Before Abigail.
08. Liquid Memories.
09. Antikythera.
10. Venice.
11. The Arising of Volition.
12. Venice (instrumental).

Enrico Longhin - vocals, guitars
Davide Carraro - guitars
Massimo Cocchetto - bass
Alberto Businari - drums

Debbie Hyshka - vocals on Venice
Gilles Boscolo (ASHENT) - keyboard solo on “Clouds and Shales”



The Moor
The Moor EP