All prices are listed in both Euros and US Dollars - Customers within EU should always use the Euro option.

Shipping charges within Europe (Euro):3.30/item
Shipping charges in US Dollars: 5.50/item


Shipping method: Air Mail, worldwide except for South America and Africa:


1. Orders are never shipped before payment has been received in full.

2. All credit card processing is handled exclusively through PayPal. It is NOT possible to e-mail us your card details and have us process your card directly.You are also welcome to pay to our bank account but please make sure that you are also paying for any possible bank charges.

Bank details:
IBAN: FI92 6601 0002 2766 40
Bank of Aland
22 410 Godby, Aland

Checks and Money Orders are NOT accepted.

3. We are not responsible for lost/missing packages unless you use the Regesitered mail option here above. It's important that you add this to your shipping cart before completing your order.

4. If an item would be sold out we will refund you to your PayPal account as soon as possible unless we are able to re-order it and be able to ship in 3-4 days.

5. All products we sell are new - however in some cases our products are not shrink wrapped. This does not mean someone has used it before you. The reason is that we sometimes do bulk import
 of products wothout the cases to keep our cost and our prices as low as possible, but it's also very common in Finland that the major labels sell their products without shrink wrapping. We get products both from domestic distributors as well as worldwide exporters.

6. If an item is faulty we will either replace it with a new item or if we can not supply you we will either refund you or offer another item. If we ship the wrong item the cost of returning it to us will be paid by us, but ALWAYS contact us prior to shipping it and ask for details.