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Oniric Metal(CD)

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Killer prog metal.Martin LeMar - Vocals, Vivien Lalu ~ Keyboards, Joop Wolters - Guitars, Russell Bergquist (ex-Annihilator) - Bass, Ryan Van Poederooyen (The Devin Townsend Band) - Drums, Lars Eric Mattsson - additional solo on track 1

Due to changes within the postal system we can no longer ship just one single CD (or we could but shipping would be very expensive)
as minimum shipping fee will be for one kilo (more or less 6-7 CDS).
We are very sorry for this change but we have no way to influence the current changes within the postal system.
On the other hand we will offer discounts on bigger orders as much as possible.

Please send an e-mail with the titles you wish to order and include your full address and phone number (needed for fedex) 
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Lalu - Oniric Metal (8,5/10) - France - 2005

Review from

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 57:52
Band homepage: Lalu


  1. YesterDayMan >mp3
  2. Wolven Eyes
  3. Windy
  4. Night Poenari
  5. Moonstruck
  6. Moonstop
  7. StarWatcher
  8. PotBoy: The Final Fantasy
Lalu - Oniric Metal

LALU is the all cast members band of Vivien Lalu, French composer (SHADRANE and HUBI MEISEL) and features Ryan Van Poederooyen (THE DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND), Russell Bergquist (ANNIHILATOR), Joop Wolters (ARABESQUE) and Martin LeMar from TOMORROW'S EVE on vocals. Right from the first single notes of “Yesterdayman”, you are right away plunged into an incredible world of Progressive Metal. What it is great with this band, is although you will easily notice all their influences, they still manage to sound original and refreshing.


Like AYREON, LALU knows how to push boundaries. When their music needs to be heavy, the wall of sound that you will hear is beyond the normal heaviness of nowadays’ Progressive Metal bands. And when the need for a dramatic atmosphere comes, they will once again venture deeply into the spectrum of human emotions, to deliver an astonishing and poignant performance, featuring the intertwined guitar and keyboard playing of Joop Wolters and Vivien Lalu. Often the music will remind the listener of past forgotten bands like MERCURY RISING and LEMUR VOICE. The singing of Martin LeMar is top notch and his powerful pleasant mid-range voice will sastify any picky Progressive Metal fan.


This album is an instant winner in 2005. It is not every month that you will get to hear such an interesting piece of Progressive Metal. Let just hope that LALU will want to release another album in the future, as their music deserves to evolve; if it can get better than this debut, no one knows where they could bring us. (Online August 28, 2005)


Lalu: Oniric Metal

I discovered Vivien Lalu when I first heard Hubi Meisel's second solo album EmOcean, which was written entirely by Lalu (Meisel had penned the lyrics). I am still amazed by the great atmosphere created on that disc, so needless to say, when I heard that Vivien Lalu was going to release an album with a great lineup, I was quite excited. However, it should be noted that Oniric Metal sounds nothing like EmOcean. It's a lot heavier, more guitar-based and darker. The band Lalu put together to realize his dreams consists of the amazing guitar hero Joop Wolters from Arabesque, former Annihilator bassist Russell Bergquist, Devin Townsend drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen, and a singer named Martin LeMar from Germany on vocals.

Although the music on Oniric Metal was composed by Lalu himself, each musician had a big role in the song arrangements and Martin LeMar wrote his own lyrics. Oddly, before I heard LeMar's voice, I thought he'd be one of those more operatic, high pitched singers most prog metal bands present us with, but it turns out his voice is rather different. It took me a few plays to get used to it, because he has a grittier tone compared to other vocalists but he is definitely a great singer and does an excellent job on this disc. I'd definitely love to hear his other projects, one of which is called Broken Glass and the new Tomorrow's Eve album too.

Given the crunch-filled, mesmerizing heaviness of the guitar and bass renditions, I am reminded a bit of Evergrey's Solitude Dominance Tragedy period. Although primarily Vivien Lalu's project, the album sounds more like a band effort and Lalu's keyboards are played with wonderful restraint. He reaches huge atmospheres but never overshadows the other instruments for a second. Joop Wolters' guitar playing is highly impressive; his solos fit the songs perfectly and his tone is amazing, thanks to Vivien Lalu's great mix and production. A good number of fans will want to hear his work with Arabesque if they enjoy this release.

All eight songs on the album are solid. There are no fillers here. My favourites would be the first track, "Yesterdayman", because I really enjoy LeMar's vocals in the chorus and the crunchy guitar work. Ryan Van Poederooyen's drumming is also vital to the album's groovy vibe - I wasn't surprised when I read that he considers this his best performance in his recording career. "Night in Poenari" is where the Evergrey comparison is the most noticeable. The song kicks out with an eerie, almost gothic darkness that is right up there with Evergrey's "Nosferatu" and the symphonic elements merged with the Latin-sung male vocals only enhance the comparisons. Even Martin LeMar sings more aggressively during the verses and the song is easily the band's most progressive moment with its ever-changing rhythms, acoustic guitar patterns and unison solos.

Two epic tracks, "Timestop" and "Potboy: The Final Fantasy", equal half of the running time of this disc, especially the latter which breaks the 18-minute mark. Both songs start out slowly, building up and reaching their apex when Lalu's keyboard sounds explode over the rhythmic intensity created by Wolters and Bergquist. Guest musician Alex Argento appears on "Timestop" with a nice keyboard solo while there is seemingly a little free style jam session in the breakdown of the closing track that is bound to please many a proghead. Oniric Metal is a great disc and one of the finest albums Lion Music has released recently.

Track Listing

  1. Yesterdayman
  2. Wolven Eyes
  3. Windy
  4. Night in Poenari
  5. Moonstruck: The Soulish Element
  6. Timestop
  7. Starwatcher
  8. Potboy: The Final Fantasy

Added: July 11th 2005
Reviewer: Murat Batmaz

Lalu - Oniric Metal (Lion Music) Review by Joe Florez

Vivien Lalu is a keyboardist from France who is slowly making a name for himself in the progressive metal world. He was worked with underground vocalist Hubi Meisel on his concept CD “EmOcean” and on other projects as well. Now, he has decided to come up with a project of his own and it rocks. Joining him on his adventure is former Annihilator bassist Russell Bergquist, Devin Townsend Band drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen and some other unknowns, but talented nonetheless. “Yesterdayman” starts off sounding like an intro to an old Dream Theater track, but then soon ventures off into a whole new realm filled with lush, dynamic and atmospheric keyboard tickling and as far as the other 

musicians go, they give hope to the genre that you can still be creative and stand out among the millions of other artists vying for your attention. There is even a hint of 70’s prog rock thrown in, but it’s not clichéd. “Wolven Eyes” just continues to astonish me with their song writing skills. They squeeze in a little bit of jazz as well as a touch of Pain Of Salvation for an original sound that is more than pleasing to the ears. After a few songs sounding unique, they go for the kill with “Night In Poenari.” It’s as heavy and progressive as one could get. Add some chants in there and speed and you’re in for one wild ride. There is no stopping Lalu’s creativity as he and his crew continues to befuddle us with his genius. This is one debut that will amaze and stun audiences the world over because everything inserted in here is fresh and of the highest quality. Beware, Symphony X and all in this category because Vivien has what it takes to dominate in this field. | 

«LALU» Oniric Metal

Lion Music
 Out Now

Fans of Progressive Metal sit up and take notice now. New band Lalu pedal the sort of impressive Progressive Metal overtones exploited by Dream Theater with the aggression of Evergrey and vocal arrangements of Transatlantic. Led by keyboardist Vivien Lalu and home to impressive talents of vocalist Martin LeMar, guitarist Joop Walters and the experienced rhythm section of Russell Bergquist (ex-Annihilator) on Bass and drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen (The Devin Townsend Band).
 Oniric Metal is quality from start to finish showcasing excellent song writing, great production and original arrangements. Opening track Yesterday Man kicks things off with a powerful start whilst my favourite moment is the more tender moments of Windy which showcases pure class.
 Overall a very fine release from a band that has a very bright future ahead of them.
 Rating – 80%

Lalu - Oniric Metal
Lion Music

Lalu? "Oniric Metal"? Hmmm. Strange bandname and album title! Lalu is the name of  bandleader and keyboarder Vivian Lalu (also Hubi Meisel Band). Together with relativly know musicians as Russell Bergquist (ex-Annihilator) on bass, Ryan Van Poederooyen (Devin Towsend Band) on drums plus the no names (in my knowledge) - Joop Wolters (guitar) and singer Martin LeMar, Lalu starts a really interesting progressive metal act. Ok the name is not the best, but the music is not the copy of the third copy. The songs sound really fresh, the singer has a wide range and power. I am really surprised of this band: As a listener you don´t know how the next song is going to sound like, this makes Lalu very interesting! When the band plays ballads like "Windy" they sound like nice Melodic Rock and  then the next song "Night In Phoenari" is Power Metal with really fat guitars.

 The record has a warm, good sound and the keyboards are not nerving. Some bands lead by or with a keyboarder have often these problems!

 The guitarplay of Wolters I like very much and some crazy spheric sound effects are the salt in the soup!

As you can notice now Lalu have a lot of different styles in their sound – Power Metal, Hard Rock, Progressive Metal, they call it "Oniric Metal"!

A really hot album you shouldn´t miss!


Lalu  "Oniric Metal"   Lion Music  ****  

Newly signed to Finland's Prog Metal/ Rock label 'Lion Music' is this
new artist under the name of Lalu, which features former Annihilator
bassist,  Russell Bergquist and also joining Russell are: Martin LeMar -
 Vocals, Vivien Lalu - Keyboards, Joop Wolters - Guitars, Ryan Van
Poederooyen - Devin Townsend drums, which makes this a superb album
because this album reminds me of Tear Of Anger, Minds Eye, Artension,
Dream Theater and many more. This album however is a really good
balance of Prog Metal and with hints of Blues and AOR thrown in as
well. 8 trax of pure solid music that sometimes gets over looked by the
people and especially the media. Guitarist Joop Wolters is a superb
guitar player, who comes across between Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged) and
also Tony Macalpine. Vocals by Martin LeMar remind me of Tears of Anger
vocalist Björn Jansson. Some of the music is pretty intense of the
guitars, a nice balance of melodic but heavy de-tuned guitar riffs
makes this an interesting album. I really can not fault this album it's
one of the best releases on Lion Music, and I cant wait to hear from.
Check out: Yesterday Man, Wolven Eyes, Windy, Night In Poenari,
Moonstruck, The Final Fantasy & Star Watcher. If you like Prog Metal
then look no further, this is a classic in it's own rights!!

Artist: Lalu
Album: Oniric Metal

Music: 8.0 over 10
Production: 8.0 over 10

Vivien Lalu is mostly known for his work with Hubi Meisel on the
EmOcean. Also the upcoming Shadrane's Neurastasia has already gained
some publicity on the Internet. In a way, Lalu's Oniric Metal was done
in order to ease the wait of the Shadrane project.

The music on Oniric Metal is progressive metal with dreamy keyboards
and varying song structures. The music flows effortlessly and the
keyboards create a nice atmosphere to the whole record. Overall, the
material on this record is pretty good. The performances are solid as
the line-up consists of many experienced musicians - for example, Ryan
van Poederooyen (the Devin Townsend Band) on drums and Russell
Bergquist (ex-Annihilator) on bass.

Oniric Metal has been produced rather well, since the sounds are to
the point. Unfortunately, there's some background distortion on the
recordings (however, it occurs only few times). Nevertheless, the
mastering has been done quite well.

Since the release of the Shadrane project is postponed all the time
(it was supposed to be released in 2004), Lalu's Oniric Metal is a
welcome sight. For the most part, it contains nicely flowing
atmospheric progressive metal that doesn't lose its appeal after few

Release date: March 25th, 2005

- MAGE (March 9th, 2005)


Reviewed by Jeff (

Vivien Lalu is a young French guy passionate by music, especially rock and progressive Metal. Our man plays the piano and keyboards but he is also a fine songwriter (that’s a bit normal when your parents was also the members of a Progressive rock band of the 70’s…). After some writing works for Hubi Meisel, Vivien decided to form a band in 2003. The “project” Lalu is born, with of course Vivien but also, Martin LeMar (Tomorrow's Eve), Joop Wolters (Arabesque), Russell Bergquist (ex Annihilator) and Ryan Van Poederooyen the mighty drummer of the Devin Townsend’s band. Believe me, I have the luck to listen a lot of CD everyday but some first albums with such quality, that’s not the same. Aficionados of Progressive Metal, this one is for you!!!

Vivien Lalu is a talented musician; we have the perfect proof with “his” first album “Oniric Metal”. I really like the progressives bands from the very powerful ones like Symphony X, to the classics like Dreamt Theater or the really avant-gardist ones like Pain of Salvation, I can’t say that Lalu is like a mix of all these bands, but for sure we can find some similitude in the music of Vivien. A song like “Night In Poenari” for example has this power that you will find in SX’s music, “Yesterdayman” with its complex lines of keyboards but with a very catchy chorus remember me the last Dream Theater and etc for the other songs... That’s not a copycat don’t misunderstand me, Lalu, is a pure original band with it’s own personal music but, I’m (maybe wrong), I think that I can hear that all these famous bands had an influence on Vivien’s compositions. The music of Lalu is really mature, it must certainly come from the talent of all the famous “guest” musicians of the band, but before all I really think that we are in front of a little genius and I’m ready to bet some litters of good beer that we will hear about this guy in the future. If we had some great progressive bands in France with for example Stephan Forte and his Adagio for sure now will also have to count on Vivien Lalu with his own project.
This album is really diversified, with ballads, fast and aggressive tracks and evidently some very technical and progressive song. I like this album because Vivien knew how to give his emotions through this music. Sadness, love, anger and even fun all that is concentrated in this really good first album, it rocks really…
The production is also very good and Vivien has the luck to be signed by the really good label Lion music, which gave him some good means of production for the recording of the album but also for the cover art of the CD made by my mate Monowasp who will become soon THE Metal designer, like a Travis Smith or a Niklas Sundin, a nice choice and a nice work for a first album, it can’t be better…

That’s a first great album really and I think that you should try to find the first release of Lalu. All the fans of Progressive Metal that you are will be amazed by the quality of the music that you will be able to find on this release. Not any big problems on this album, only some good and nice music for a promising artist who will become a leader of the Progressive French scene without any doubt. Come with me in the Lalu’s world you couldn’t regret it…




Lalu: Oniric Metal -
. Oniric Metal is a progressive metal album that has influences from
notables such as Vanden Plas, Dream Theater and Rush. Two of the closer
comparisons are two German prog bands: Anguish and Tomorrow's Eve. You could
even throw Ivory Tower in there too. Lalu has that melodic progressive metal
style that is solid on the keyboards but with a singer who comes from a more
rock-oriented, melodic background.
. Lalu could be considered a minor supergroup made up of a number of
well-respected, although not necessarily well-known musicians. The band's
name comes from keyboardist Vivien Lalu, a French composer who has worked
with Shadrane and he was the one who did all the music for ex-Dreamscape
singer Hubi Meisel's project EmOcean. Vivien's keyboards aren't as
in-your-face as a band like Artension and instead come across as one
outstanding, beautiful instrument amongst many.
. Also in the band is the new vocalist from German prog band
Tomorrow's Eve - Martin LeMar, Arabesque guitarist Joop Wolters,
ex-Annhilator bassist Russel Bergquist, and the most recent member of the
Devin Townsend band, Canadian drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen. And, I must say,
with an outstanding production, solid, creative song-writing skills, and a
penchant to draw the listener in with the flowing, melodic variety of music
- then I highly, highly recommend Lalu's debut album Oniric Metal that is
due on Lion Music sometime in late March. This 55 minute album features 8
songs - One 10 minutes long and another 18 minutes long - and Lalu are able
to hold your attention throughout. We're going to play one of the shorter
tracks though, a heavier, eclectic one from Lalu and their new album Oniric
Metal with the track Night in Poenari.

Gary Carson (and Peter Fundeis)


Rating: 7
Genre: Progressive Metal

Lalu is definitely a weird choice for name for a band, but like all bands, it all comes down to the music because that's what really matters, is it not? The bands was named this way because it's also the name of the person who started this project, Vivien Lalu, therefore that's understandable.
As for the music style, nothing I wouldn't expect from Lion Music, the label from this band. It's Progressive Rock, very melodic and with a couple of catchy parts that should delight to any of the fans of this genre. The instruments actually fit very well, specially the keyboards. Well I'm a keyboard fan myself, not exactly when it comes to Progressive Rock bands, but in general terms. If you're not really a keyboard man, then you would probably have a hard time liking this album.

"Oniric Metal" is actually the first release from Lalu, and here you can find a quite respectable line-up: Martin LeMar (vocals), Vivien Lalu (keyboards), Joop Wolters (guitars), Russell Bergquist (ex-Annihilator) (bass) and Ryan Van Poederooyen (The Devin Townsend Band) (drums).
This would explain the fact that the music already sounds like they've been doing this for years, as I'm sure many of them actually are. One key factor in this kind of bands is that they must be able to grab the attention of the listener with many catchy chorus parts and killer guitars/keyboards. The vocals, of course, also need to be good. In Lalu, they are able to achieve most of these requirements, they only lack a little when it comes to the catchy parts. Nonetheless, there are some songs here that are quite good and also a very good way to start knowing this band: "YesterdayMan", "Night in Poenari" and "Moonstruck".

I've heard better albums during the last couple of months, as far as this style is concerned, but "Oniric Metal" is not a piece of music at all.


1. Yesterday Man
2. Wolven Eyes
3. Windy
4. Night In Poenari
5. Moonstruck
6. Moonstop
7. Star Watcher
8. Pot Boy: The Final Fantasy


Now HERE is a nice entry into the prog world. I have been growing weary of a
lot of progressive metal with Dream Theater clone syndrome...and the "more
style than substance" sort of albums.
This is a fairly diverse album, ranging from heavy progressive rock to
aggressive galloping melodic power with choruses. There is emotion evident
in this, and that is what is REALLY selling me.
The thing that struck me first was the dynamic and passionate midrange
vocals by Martin LeMar. But the totality is a wonderful listen. I have been
disappointed with a few recent Lion releases because of subpar production.
This is the complete opposite. Lots of depth to my ears. The drums (Ryan Van
Poederooyen from the Devin Townsend Band) pounded into me mercilessly. I
never felt i missed any of the nuances of Vivien Lalu's keys, which at
varying times offered up symphonics, ambience or some subtle jazzy bits. All
the musicianship is stellar, but it should be...this album has a good
pedigree. Other than the musicians i mentioned, there is Joop Wolters on
Guitars, and Russell Bergquist formerly of Annihilator on Bass.
A winner for me.
Release date is 25 March.

Hard n Heavy Rock and Metal CDs Online


Progressive Metal that's sound heavy! I love the big heavy guitar sound. In fact, the whole sound is amazing. Well done production that really appealed to me! To be honest, I really don't know the leader of this project, Vivien Lalu. But I know his musicians. Joop Wolters on guitar (he's definitly a virtuoso!), Ryan Van P. (Devin Towsend band's drummer) & Russell Bergquist (ex-Annihilator). Does that sounds appealing? In my book yes! Ok, now that we all knows that those musician are killer top notch musicians, is the songs good? Definitly! Strong guitar sound & riffs, good atmosphere, powerfull melodic vocals. Another very strong point are the piano/keyboards that definitly add a very cool vibe on those tracks. You'll a lot of different emotions on this record. From soft to very heavy, from up-beat complex stuff to really easy riffs. The execution of those musicians is perfect. The amazing work from every musical instruments make this album sound killer! Amazing guitar solos! My favorite songs are Night in Poenari & Moonstruck for it's amazing heavy guitar riff and up-beat tempo. A very strong heavy prog records that should serve as an exemple to other bands!