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The music on Full Of Fire is aggressive with a classic metal edge that dates back to the British metal movement of the early 1970’s combined with the more sophisticated touch of the melodic power metal scene of the 1980 and 90’s (with Armoured Saint being a reference point). The energy levels are high throughout with big riffs, monster grooves and wailing solos but with the freshness that the metal scene has in 2005

Listeria - Full Of Fire (7/10) - Italy - 2005

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Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 30:49
Band homepage: Listeria


  1. Like Alì >mp3
  2. Wold Over 3 D
  3. Swim In The Mud
  4. Emily >mp3
  5. Shadow >mp3
  6. Don’t Believe
  7. Little Star
  8. Delight
  9. Action >mp3
  10. Rock Is My DJ
Listeria - Full Of Fire 

LISTERIA, named after bacteria that cause food poisoning, comes to us from Italy, but you would never know it by listening to the band’s debut, “Full Of Fire”. The vocals show none of the typical strong Italian accent and the band is playing a style of traditional-Heavy Metal that is very far removed the symphonic Power Metal that Italy has become known for.


Instead, LISTERIA should appeal to fans of the ’80s German and American Metal scenes. Bands that come to mind when listening to “Full Of Fire” include: ACCEPT, LIZZY BORDEN, old RAGE, ARMOURED SAINT and LIEGE LORD. Add to that a helping of Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude/swagger and you’ll have a pretty good idea of LISTERIA’s sound.


Clocking in at just over 30-minutes, “Full Of Fire” is rather short. But the short playing time is in the band’s favor, as it allows LISTERIA to go full throttle the whole way through. If this were much longer, some of its effectiveness would have been lost. During the 30-minute stomp, LISTERIA crank out some real bangers, especially in the second half with “Don’t Believe”, “Delight”, “Action” and “Rock Is My DJ”.


For a debut, “Full Of Fire” is a strong effort that should easily find favor with fans of ’80s Heavy Metal. I look forward to hearing what LISTERIA can turn out in the future. (Online January 29, 2006)


LISTERIA - FULL OF FIRE (B-) Lion Music, 2005
10 tracks, RT: 30:54

[ ] [ ] I knew absolutely nothing about this band (and in fact did not even know that they existed) until this CD arrived in my mailbox. I have to give them props for providing me with one of the (unintentionally) funniest bio/press sheets that I've read in a while... It was ALMOST written in English (if you catch my drift) and therefore it was not much help to me in writing this review. (I looked up the band's name in the dictionary, by the way, and found out that "Listeria" is a form of bacteria that causes food poisoning. Isn't that lovely? Was this name inspired by a bad dinner experience? "Hey guys, let's name our band after a disease! It worked for Anthrax!") About all I got from the bio sheet was that Listeria hails from Italy, so of course I immediately thought, "Oh goody; more epic-length 'Lord Of The Rings' drivel." It only took one spin through track #1, the oddly-titled "Like Ali," to prove me completely wrong, as Listeria turned out to be a surprisingly hyperactive power/speed metal band. DAMN these guys sound crazy! Their label's Web site points to the NWOBHM as a reference point, which I can't really argue with; in fact, I'd wager that these guys are probably big Raven fans. They don't actually sound much like Raven, (although Vittorio Scotti occasionally unleashes a John Gallagher-style squeal) but they definitely seem to share the same "Get in, cause as much damage as possible, and get out as quickly as you can" mind-set as those beloved Geordies. FULL OF FIRE crams together 10 tracks in just over a half hour, so it's obvious that they're not here to screw around! Sound-wise I'd have to say that this band is a high octane< cocktail of classic late '80s arena metal (think Skid Row, Dokken, and even early Gamma Ray; much of FULL OF FIRE reminds me of Gamma Ray's earlier "party" oriented songs like "Rich And Famous" and "Free Time"), played convincingly and with tons (and I do mean TONS) of energy. The band describes their sound as "shock heavy," which is pretty damn accurate. Hell, I felt tired after just listening to this CD, so I can only imagine what it must've been like to perform it! I wish I had a lyric sheet though, because some of these song titles are just plain weird, such as "Wolf Over 3-D" (??), the aforementioned "Like Ali," and the album closing "Rock Is My DJ," so I'd love to know what the hell they're actually singing about! Though it probably won't burn up sales charts on this side of the ocean, FULL OF FIRE is a fun, goofy listen (the sound bites that open several songs are hilarious) that certainly lives up to its title, and the only major fault I have with it is its brevity; just as you're starting to get into this album, it's already over. Maybe they should include a few more songs (or at least longer ones) on their next release, it would beef up the skimpy running time and give us more to chew on. Other than that minor complaint, I'd have to say good show, boys.
- Keith Abt (

Detritus Rock/Metal e-zine
"Rock Hard With A Purpose"

LISTERIA - Full of Fire

Lion Music

Reviewed by Dave Palmer

I love bands that are over the top. The Italian metal band Listeria is one of those bands. This band embraces everything that metal is. After all, metal is all about excess and there is plenty of that on this album. I'm not saying that they are really in excess like Raven is, just that there is enough flash to suggest that they have been around a while, maybe long enough to have been a pert of the early 90's metal generation. Yep, it's true. Anyway, this album is alot of fun to listen to. The only thing I could find wrong with it was that it was a bit on the short side. There are 10 tracks total on the album. I like the little snippets used on the album such as the 'Outer Limits' soundbytes at the beginning of the track 'Like Ali'. Adds a touch of cool to the tune. It just stays cool from there. Tracks such as 'Swim in the Mud', 'Emily', and 'Don't Believe' don't let up a bit in the tempo. There arev also big choruses in alot of this music. The band sounds tight enough to have been around as long as they have been. What surprises me is that they haven't broken into a wider audience, well...maybe the audiences here in the States anyway. The music is definitely wild enough and I'm sure the band puts on a hell of a show, so lets have it man! Other tracks that caught my attention included 'Wolf Over 3D', 'Action', and the bombastic closer 'Rock is my DJ'. There is enough smoking guitar on that latter track to fill any appetite. Very cool.
This album could make alot of traditional metal fans happy although this album is a bit more flashy than your typical mettalic type of music. It get fast at times, but not to the point of thrash. It mellows here and there, but not to the point of calling it hard rock. It's metal and it's pretty damn tasty! Good album!

LISTERIA - Full of Fire

Lion Music

FULL OF FIRE (Lion Music)
Reviewed by Matthieu on Friday 21 October 2005.

Even though Listeria has been releasing demos and promos since 1996, it took them eight long years to get the opportunity to release an “entire” studio album. I say entire this way since “Full of Fire” looks on the outside like a full album, but only lasts half an hour. But what a half an hour it is..

Listeria probably couldn’t have chosen a better name for their debut album, because it truly shows that the band is full of fire. Immediately from the very first second that the first song kicks in, it grabs you by the throat and doesn’t release you till the fade out at the end. On “Full of Fire” we are being served some raw and intense hard-hitting Heavy Metal / Hard Rock in the true late 70’s – early 80’s style, that I love so very much. In the true vein of this era, the songs all have a very strong foundation and are therefore feature a strong build-up without any illogical parts. I however did get the feeling that songs were supposed to be longer but they were cut for some reason. It might not be the most original sound to ever be recorded but it is brought with so much intensity and energy that it overshadows this fact and I truly wonder how these guys will sound when they get on stage. Vocalist Vittorio Scotti does a superb job with keeping up with the fast pace without making mistakes our sounding out of place. I think that his voice might have been mixed a bit more prominently though, since it often seems to snow under the thunderous guitar riffs. I do have to mention the length of the album once again, since 30 minutes just isn’t long enough for an entire album, especially not for this kind of fast-paced music that is perfectly suited for longer songs. Another small thing that I found irritating after a few songs, is that every song features a sample at the beginning, taking away continuity between the tracks.

From out of nowhere Listeria comes and slams you in the face with their furious rock, leaving a pleasant mark that makes you sing their songs all day long. It’s just too bad that the album only lasts for half an hour

Listeria band Official web site:


LISTERIA - Full of Fire

Lion Music
Listeria is a five-piece band that was born somewhere in Italy, 15 years
ago. In search of publicity, the band participated in the Opening Band
Contest in 1997, which was organized in order to find a special guest for
the European tour of Iron Savior and Edguy. The band was chosen to fill in
the guest band seat after having sent the Listeria demo tape to the magazine
Metal Hammer -- the co-organizer of the contest. Since then, Listeria has
had intense live activity, supporting great bands, and becoming more and
more popular. After winning another contest, the five Italians had the
chance to record their second demo tape, Something Mind, in late 98.

The band followed this live contest pattern for some years, gaining much
publicity through various compilations and radio show appearances. Their
first "serious" studio recording was the mini-CD entitled Again, where they
have crystallized their sound somewhere close to the old school Hard Rock of
the 80s.

The album opener, "Like Ali," is a straightforward, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
assault that clears up Listeria's music direction. The fast tempo drums and
some guitar riffs have a Power Metal approach in the European way,
presenting their modern point of view over the old school sound. "Wolf Over
3D" takes the listener back in the mid 80s with melodic, high pitched
vocals, and exceptional guitar work, especially during the solo. The third
track, "Swim in the Mud," gains some more speed, bringing to mind bands like
Anvil, Armored Saint, and Motley Crüe, representing Listeria's major music
influences. Everyone will be inclined to sing along the chorus lines after
some decent headbanging intervals due to the fast paced rhythm section. By
the way, this song was filmed to be Listeria's first video clip back in
1999, following the orders of the famous Italian director Zad.

A short drum intro opens for "Emily" that is also comprised of solid guitar
leads that could be found in a Van Halen release. A small tempo change
happens in "Shadow" where the steady guitar rhythm supports Vittorio
Scotti-Witto's vocals, which are deeply influenced by Steve "Lips" Kudlow
performance from the legendary band from Canada, Anvil. "Don't Believe" and
"Little Star" have some very good guitar licks that will entice the listener
to crank up the old school air guitar! The best sing along and catchy chorus
lines can be found in the latter song.

"Delight" and "Action" follow the aforementioned composing pattern that some
could characterize as lack of creativeness. On the other hand, the songs are
flawlessly composed and performed, proving the high skills of these
Italians. The album closes with "Rock is My DJ," which is the perfect Hard
Rock teaser for the future Listeria releases.

After listening to Full of Fire, one can be sure that Lion Music has done
something more than make a wise decision to sign a record deal with Listeria
and distribute their maiden release. This album comes at a time when Modern
Metal releases have flooded the record stores -- Listeria raises the banner
of Classic Hard Rock in the highest place where it belongs.



LISTERIA `Full Of Fire ` Lion Music (2005)

Listeria, the furious Hard Rock 'n' Rolling band from Italy is back after a silence of two years. A silence, i mean that i did the review of these guys' MCD back then entitled "Again". It was a five song, self produced product which i liked from the very forst time. I was hoping deep inside myself that Listeria needed (and deserved) the approaching of a major record label. Well, check it hopes are fulfilled after the band signed a deal with Lion Music. Good choice from the side of the label because these Italians have a lot of potential in their might.

Title of the new one is "Full Of Fire" and hell yeah, they still keeps on going on like they always did before. Rough and wild, in-your-face, Classic Hard Rock / Power Metal at its best. The album's first song "Like Ali" is a shot through the heart and has an eighties / early nineties vibe. Hard as hell, full forced ahead with strong song structures. magnificent singer in the vein of John Bush (ex-Armored Saint / Anthrax) leads the band straight away to a higher, more energetic level than ever before. One thing is for sure, Listeria is taking us all by storm and delivers the world-wide Metal maniacs nothing but great works!

"Wolf Over" is another, great sounded song with strong riffs, hard hitting drums,...awesome! Alright, pedal to the metal with third song in line called "Swim In The Mud". Some other great songs are: "Little Star", "Rock Is My DJ", "Action", to name a few only. I swear from the bottom of my heart the entire album (10 songs) are played with an endless form of power, strength and courage. This is what i absolutely like in a band. A driven force resulted in songs coming straight from the heart. I've heard Listeria for the first time two years ago. They impressed me those days and their debut international release hits me in the face. They were good back then, well at the moment they're even better!

The Lion Music staff delivered a fantastic piece of Metal music. The CD just stopped playing but i'll turn it on once again with a volume reduced to the maximum. It feels good, it feels heavy, it's just a very good album that Rocks you outta control.
90 / 100

Metal to Infinity

Listeria - Full Of Fire (Lion Music) By: Joe Florez
Since the mid 90s, this Italian outfit has been pumping out countless demos and have even been exposed to a few comps in their homeland. Now Lion Music has given these lads their big opportunity by releasing their debut disc. Even though it has ten tracks, it feels more like an E.P. because it clocks in at half an hour. Either way, I’ll take it because this is power metal performed to the max without the cheese. “Like Ali” starts out the show very strong with fierce dual guitar work that has a lot of muscle behind the axes while the drums are filled with energy and power. As far as Witto’s voice goes, he has the perfect fit for this genre. He doesn’t hit those high sissy notes. The guy belts it out with manly and tough 
lungs. The solos are wild and have a sort of Zakk Wylde flare, but I say that with sincerity and not mockery. They know how to slay the audience and after hearing this track alone, I want more. “Wolf Over 3D”may have a goofy sounding title, but the onslaught continues. While they may not be performing at 1,234,423 miles an hour, they can still pack a wallop! The tempo changes move accordingly from heavy to mid paced and so forth. And the best part about it is that it doesn’t sound redundant at any given moment. As the disc goes on, it seems that “Shadow” takes a different approach both musically and vocally. While the composition is loud and hard, it has more of a rock approach than metal. The solos are still wicked, but when you listen, you may get a better idea. Also, the Witto’s singing isn’t as forceful. It seems like he’s trying different ways of letting it out which is cool because it shows that he has an open mind, but his more aggressive ways suit him better. The closer “Rock Is My DJ” has been re-recorded countless times, but for most of us this is our first taste of it and it’s a sheer home run. It’s comparable to the material at the beginning and the fire burns hot here as we end this disc. I will say that Listeria shows a ton of promise as long as they stick to what they know. There is plenty of 80’s influences in here, but it’s not dated and the production is just right. While the songs in the middle are a bit soft thanks to their experimenting, I would say kill those off and stick to what you know, and that’s playing with high energy. If you thought Primal Fear was heavy, then you haven’t heard anything yet.

LISTERIA `Full Of Fire ` Lion Music (2005)

This band know how to rock in the old school style and make no mistake. Unashamed hard rock in the style of 70's Uriah Heep, Rainbow and 80's rockers Accept. There is nothing new on here or pushing musical boundaries but when songs rock along like `Don't Believe'

and `Swim In The Mud' (I can just imagine a video for that one!) you can't help but tap your foot and crank up the air guitar. The band have been going since 1995 but hopefully this new album on Lion Music will break them into ma bigger audience. A band destined for summer hard rock festivals and a good time!


Jason Ritchie