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Strings 24 are a new project created by Frank Caruso, Stefano “Sebo” Xotta and Gianluca Ferro. These three axemen coming from different musical experiences decided to mix their styles into a new band dedicated to guitar, with the aim to raise its musical expression and compositional potential. The bands name comes from the three guitarist’s use of 8 string guitars (3x8=24).

The three musicians have a pedigree of being in the music business for many years. 24 Strings, their new project immediately gathered broad attention from Italian record labels, magazines, radio and TV networks along with attention of Lion Music. Their self titled debut album is unashamedly full of virtuoso rock guitar across 12 identifiable tracks and will appeal to fans of Vai and Satriani as well as those into newer guitar virtuosos such as Rusty Cooley and Marco Sfogli.



STRINGS 24 (B+) Lion Music, 2009
 12 tracks, RT: 45:08
 If you've ever seen a G3 performance I'm sure you remember the<  legendary jam at the end of the show, where all three featured  guitarists come together for some truly incendiary trade-off solos;  now imagine what the results would be if talents of this magnitude  assembled for an album of original material and you'll have some idea  of what Strings 24 is all about. Comprised of ace guitarists Frank  Caruso, Stefano Xotta and Gianluca Ferro, the project features the  three players contributing compositions and alternating solos ranging  from sensitive melodicism to all-out shred. The guys all play eight-  string guitars, hence the title (3X8=24, geddit?), and they definitely  know their way around all that steel, with amazing chops displayed on  tracks such as the fusion-y "Outraged Dimensions," metal charger  "Running In The Wind," smoldering "Remember Blues," and shred-worthy  rocker "Psychedelic. " Yeah, the compositions are mainly designed to  show off the talents of these virtuosos and introduce them to the  guitar hero community but they do keep your interest long enough for  the pyrotechnics, which are often stunning. Bottom line is these boys  are good, and with some maturity could give elder statesmen like Vai  and Satriani a run for their money...
 - Neal Woodall (MysticX9@gmail. com) Deitrius E-zine