Francesco Fareri was born on April 15, 1978 in Rome and  started to play guitar at the beginning of 1995 immediately with an electric one. He took guitar lessons for 6 months from a friend  and then I continued by himself with methods and instructional videos. Francesco's early influences were Steve Vai, Joe Satriani but few months later discovered the neo-classical era with Yngwie Malmsteen, Joey Tafolla, Vinnie Moore, Patrick Rondat and many more until he heard for the first time Jason Becker, the artist that most influenced his playing and style. In that period, around 1997/1998 Francesco started to record his first demos on audio cassettes and began to play some concerts in his city. In the middle of 1999 Francesco understood that his way of playing had changed, that it was matured through those years thanks to these musicians: George Bellas, Shawn Lane and Greg Howe but most of all thanks to Vitalij Kuprij. Under the new influences Francesco recorded new music and in 1999 started also to send my demo record to web-magazines such as Guitar 9, where he was reviewed as a undiscovered artist for December 1999 and January 2000, and also on Whiplash, a Brazilian magazine.

Francesco's musical ideas had also changed so he started to write and play music in a different way searching for his own style. In late 2000 Francesco started to record his first real solo album "Suspension" that he released by himself in summer 2001. Francesco had a lot of world distributors, including  M.A.C.E. music the personal label of guitarist Michael Angelo Batio. Suspension helped to raise Francesco's profile worldwide to the instrumental shred/prog guitarists.  This release gained a lot of reviews and interviews and Francesco started to write guitar lessons for a lot of web-magazines. On May 2002 Chops From Hell released his first instructional CD-Rom based on Arpeggios, on January 2003 the second one called 'High Shred Techs' and on March 2004 the third one called 'Intese Guitar Playing'.

In the meantime Vitalij Kuprij asked
Francesco to participate with a guitar solo for his fourth solo album 'Forward & Beyond' (Lion Music - LMC092) and Francesco it was an honour that such a great musician as Vitalij asked him.  Fareri comments, "For me it was a dream come true because Vitalij is my absolute GREATEST influence! He is an incredible player, a nice man and a cool friend!" 'Forward and Beyond' was released in 2004 by Yamaha Music/Lion Music. The album features apart from Vitalij also guitarists as Michael Romeo (Symphony X), George Bellas, Jeff Kollman, Roger Staffelbach (Artension), Borislav Mitic and Michael Harris.

At the beginning of 2005
Francesco signed to Lion Music and finished his
second solo album called "Forbidden Dimension"
(LMC147). It includes great players as Kyle Honea on bass, Jon Doman on drums (tracked and engineered by Greg Howe at his personal studio), Vitalij Kuprij all piano and keyboards on one song and Bob Katsionis keyboards solos on 5 songs. The album is a shred/progessive influenced music and it was released by Lion Music on July 2005.

In middle 2005
Francesco started to record his third solo album "Secrets Within"
(LMC202)  which is divided into two sections, one heavy and one acoustic just to show better all his ideas, feelings and the way to consider music.  Francesco states, "I believe this album to be the best material I've ever released and the one that best represents me. 'INTO THE DARK LINE' is the heavy part of the album and is more into shred and progressive metal but with a lot of themes, melodies and unison passages, while the second part of the album 'OUT OF THE DARK LINE' is the acoustic one and it is only guitar and piano/keyboards and with more delicate melodies and some really introspective moments. This isn't a guitar album, as I wanted all the instruments to have the same importance in every song. I really care recording all music in general with particular attention. This album is really introspective and very important for me, it was inspired from the experience of the impossible things happened in the last years and from all day's stuff".

The album includes bassist Kyle Honea
and Lucrezio de Seta on drums and maybe the best keyboard players out there Vitalij Kuprij and Bob Katsionis. On Kuprij Francesco states, "Vitalij is also my greatest influence and his playing really influenced my music and I can't thank him enought for all he had done for me in the years, a great friend and awesome musician. I consider this album my best one also because I played with the best musician out there and I'm so lucky for that!".

"Secrets Within" will be released on March 23rd 2007 and the CD contains extra material as photos, mp3, tabs, a diary of the making of and much more.

Francesco has also appeared the the Lion Music release "Shawn Lane Remembered - Volume 1" (LMC105).

On his music Francesco says, "I love my music and my way of playing, I think to be honest with my self playing what I like more and not playing other things to make money; music is my life but not my job, to have money I have a normal job in an office, so my music is EXACTLY the mirror of myself".


Francesco Fareri
Secrets Within
Francesco Fareri
Forbidden Dimension
Vitalij Kuprij
Forward & Beyond


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