Mass Deception is a metal band from The Netherlands, established in 2015. The musical style of the band can be described as a brutal mix of heavy metal with serious thrash metal and NWOBHM influences, melodic clean powerful vocals, tight guitar riffs, pounding drums, pulsing bass and catchy solos and leads. Think of a blend of iconic bands like Testament, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Forbidden, Flotsam & Jetsam and Savatage. Guitar tandem Banziger & Waltmans and bass player Van den Beuken are original founding members. In 2019 the band incorporated vocalist Stockbroeks, known from the legendary cultband Powervice, which gave the band a melodic boost by his powerful lead vocals. In 2020 drummer Sanders joined forces as well, known death metal institutes like Asphyx, Inhume and God Dethroned. As of that moment the band is running at full synergy and continued to work on new material. The band’s latest work is the killer 4-track EP HALLS OF AMENTI which is a prelude and appetizer to their upcoming full-length album Resurrections, the final stage of the trilogy Revelations (2016) Redemptions (2019) – Resurrections. The EP is recorded, mixed and mastered in high quality at the well-known Toneshed Studio. In-your-face opener Craft of the Wise kicks off violently after which the single Red Dawn takes over. Third track is neck breaker Zin-Uru. The final track is the epic title song Halls of Amenti, a song that contains all aspects of the band´s strength and melodic power.


Track listing:

1. Craft of the Wize
2. Red Dawn
3. Zin Uru
4. Halls of Amenti