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Lion Music was founded in 1989 as a production company for the composer and artist Lars Eric Mattsson to handle production and licensing businesses in Europe, USA and Asia. At that time it was never intended that Lion Music would become the record label that it has since evolved into today.

Since this time Lion Music has operated as a real record label with regular releases and seen its roster of artists grow considerably offering more varied musical genres and styles. We are now considered a leading force within progressive and power metal circles as well being closely associated with the best instrumental and virtuoso musicians around.

Lion Music has also branched out into other genres such AOR/Melodic hard rock, Fusion and classic hard rock. 2005 saw us re-releasing some true 1970's progressive classics for the first time on CD. We have also released several well received tribute albums to Jason Becker, Shawn Lane, Ritchie Blackmore, Jimi Hendrix, Uli Jon Roth and Gary Moore.

Our current release schedule sees an average of 12 new releases every year with over 370 titles now in our catalogue.


Lars Eric Mattsson

Lars is the head of the label and the man responsible for making the label what it is today.  For all general label enquires contact Lars.


Lion Music
Sandåsvägen 4C 12
22100 Mariehamn

Do not send promo packages to this address (see below).


Lion Music are not currently looking to sign any new artists at this time, however we are still interested in hearing from real bands with dedicated members (who are not in several bands at the same time) and who regularly tour. Studio projects are no longer of interest to us.