Guitar mastermind Milan Polak returns with his 4th vocal album “Can’t Please Everyone”. This album which is darker and heavier than its predecessor “Scarred To Perfection” features guest appearances by some of the world’s best musicians such as Billy Sheehan, Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal, Tony Franklin, Thomas Lang, Jeff Neal of 'Boston', Atma Anur and others. "I needed to challenge myself and change my approach to song writing completely”, says Milan Polak about writing and recording the album. “It is my most advanced, profound and personal album to date.” The album was mixed & mastered by Benjamin Schäfer (Rammstein, Celtic Frost, Crimson ProjeKCt) and will be released worldwide May 10, 2020.

All vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, bass, synths & loops by Milan Polak (except as indicated)
01) Unborn
02) Numb - drums: Thomas Lang
03) The Future Is Now - bass: Billy Sheehan, drums: Dennis Leeflang, 2nd guitar solo: Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal 04) Can’t Please Everyone - drums: Dennis Leeflang
05) New Life - drums: Dennis Leeflang
06) Savior - drums: Atma Anur
07) Enemy Within - drums: Dennis Leeflang
08) No One Else - drums: Dennis Leeflang
09) Father - Dennis Leeflang: drums
10) Heroes Die Young - drums: Dennis Leeflang
11) Better Man - drums: Abel Sequera
12) Can’t Let You Go - fretless bass: Tony Franklin, drums: Jeff Neal, piano: Mistheria

Production and recording credits:

All songs written & arranged by Milan Polak
Produced by Milan Polak
Executive producer: Milan Polak
Mixed & mastered by Benjamin Schaffer

Track listing:
01) Unborn
02) Numb
03) The Future Is Now
04) Can’t Please Everyone

05) New Life
06) Savior
07) Enemy Within

08) No One Else
09) Father
10) Heroes Die Young
11) Better Man
12) Can’t Let You Go

Cover, design & photography by Katerina Polak (

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