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01. Signs All Over (Solo: Stark)
02. In Gut We Trust (Solo: Stark)
03. Angelmaker (Solo: Stark)
04. I Know There's Something Going On (written by Russ Ballard) (Solo: Stark)
05. Under The Influence (Solo: Stark)
06. On With The Action (Solo: Jacobsson)
07. See The Light (Solo: Stark)
08. To Grow (Solo: Stark)
09. Mother Earth (Solo: Jacobsson)
10. It's A Thriller (Solo: Stark)
11. Cold Blood Chaser (Solo: Stark)
12. The Wavebreaker (Solo mid: Stark/Jacobsson, end: Stark)

Per “PerilOz” Karlsson: Vocals, acoustic guitars
Janne Stark: Guitars, bass
Kjell Jacobsson: Guitars
Kenth Ericsson: Bass
Kenta Svensson: Drums

Produced by: Janne Stark
Mixed by: Pelle Saether
Mastered by: Janne Stark
Drums recorded by: Johan Blomström
Cover concept: Janne Stark
Artwork: Monowasp

Let The Metal Do The Talking


After 2008’s self explanatory “Let The Metal Do The Talking”, Swedish traditional metal exponents OVERDRIVE deliver the most pulsating album of their career with the pedal to the metal bombast of “Angelmaker”. This new album sees Overdrive pummel the listener with their heaviest release yet. Home to 12 tracks all of which will make any self respecting metal fan throw the “horns” in appreciation.

With a history dating back over 20 years the line up has been consistent since their initial formation in 1980, with the exception of vocalist Per “PerilOz” Karlsson who came onboard for the bands reformation in 2003. This lengthy combined experience between the band members makes Overdrive run like a well oiled machine, locked in, loaded and ready to unleash its metallic grit to all generations of metal fans.

Lyrically the album deals with a variety of topics, from catholic priests, vampires and Indians to psychopaths and warnings of our world going down the drain. While the title track tells the gruesome story of the Swedish angelmakers. A group of women who “took care” of illegitimate children through drowning, suffocation or starvation, being paid for their services. The last angelmaker was convicted in the 1920’s, yet still the story is one that shocks.

The work on “Angelmaker” started in late 2008. Janne Stark (Locomotive Breath / Constancia) started writing a couple of tracks, “Thriller” and” Angelmaker”, which set the style and approach. Then Kjelle Jacobsson, Janne, Per Karlsson and Kenth Ericsson started writing, each on their own. Demos were made and finally the band sat down together in February 2010 to select from the 25+ songs that had been written. 18 songs were selected. Rehearsals began and in May recordings started. With no hurry and the aim of simply making this the best Overdrive album ever. The drums were recorded by Johan Blomström at Studio Sound Palace, while the guitars, bass and vocals were recorded at various studios. The mixing, by Pelle Saether (Grand Design/Zello/Zeelion) at Studio Underground in Västerås started in July and in August the album was finished. Next the band drafted 10 people to help evaluate and select the final track listing for the album which proved to be an eye-opening experience for the band. In November 2010 the album was mastered and finished and an extension of the bands deal with Lion Music was signed.

Given their pedigree and reputation it’s no surprise to hear Overdrive enter the third decade of their career hitting new heights with “Angelmaker”; a slice of traditional metal as good as you will hear in 2011.

Signs All Over (Stark/Karlsson) – Kicks off the album with the pedal to the metal! Classic double bass drums heavy metal!

In Gut We Trust
(Stark) – Heavy stomper with an infectious soccer choir chorus. The lyrics are about trusting your guts, your inner feelings, instead of technology and false prophets.

(Stark) – Another high speed metal number with an evil riff. An angelmaker was a woman who “took care of” children born out of wedlock and made them “disappear”. The last one was convicted in the 1930’s in Sweden.  

I Know There’s Something Going On
(Russ Ballard, arr: Stark) – A cover of the Russ Ballard penned song recorded by ABBA’s Frida in the 80’s, rejuvenated and metalized.

Under The Influence
(Ericsson/Karlsson) – Maiden-influenced riff oriented fast metal rocker which deals about a man trying to suppress his morbid urges. Featuring the classic Overdrive harmony guitars.

On With The Action
(Jacobsson) – Up-tempo environmental-friendly classic metal.

The Light
(Stark) – A song originally penned by Janne Stark for the latest Scorpions writing session. As the Scorps wouldn’t have it, Overdrive would. If it sounds a bit vintage Scorpions, it’s no wonder.

To Grow
(Karlsson) – Another fast pace straight ahead heavy metal song with some nice

Mother Earth
(Jacobsson) – A mid-tempo rocker with a heavy chorus dedicated to the north American Indians.

It’s A Thriller
(Stark/Karlsson) – Up/mid-tempo metal influenced by Accept and Judas Priest, heavy and mean!

Cold Blood Chaser
(Stark) – Riff-filled up-tempo rocker, a bit influenced by vintage Riot (where the name Overdrive also comes from). Lyrics that take a twist on the vampire theme.

The Wavebreaker
(Karlsson) – PerilOz’s epic anthem that goes from its soft acoustic intro into full heavy metal mayhem, ending where it started. Loaded with twin guitars. The perfect album closer.

• Strongest release to date from one of Sweden’s most acclaimed traditional metal acts.
• Janne Stark is a well travelled musician and has a fan base from a wide range of bands/projects.
• Reviews in all leading rock/metal press.
• Overdrive are available for interviews in English or Swedish. Please send your requests to Janne Stark directly at “”
• Radio Station ID’s available on request, email your requirements to “” stating preferred text, format etc.