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Long Lost Pride(CD)

€12.90           $16.90

Progressive Power Metal featuring Bjorn Jansson (Tears of Anger) and Bob Katsionis (Firewind). Special guests: Gus G, Marcel Coenen and Michael Harris.


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Imaginery - Long Lost Pride
Guitarist Bob Katsionis has come a long way in nearly ten years since his project known as “Mirage” came to light, sort of being the precursor of the power metal revolution that would hit a year later. But nowadays, Katsionis and Co., better known now as Imaginery, still create the technical laden progressive power metal that that still endures where the song itself stays at the forefront of the sound, building all the soloing and complexities around the songs.

With most tracks averaging around five minutes, give or take, Imaginery keep their sound to the point, where they have the appropriate amount of axe leads and occasional synth wailage are present. For Long Lost Pride, it’s kind of a grittier record at times with tracks such as “When All is Gone,” (the appropriately titled Maiden-ish) “Peace of Mind,” and the dark “In My Life” exposing the more guitar driven sound; but cuts such as “Hypnotized” and “The Nightmare of Kain” bring the more straightforward double bass pulsating power metal technique to the table, harpsichord and all. Musically speaking, the band is tight, with the rhythm section filling in gaps and providing the backbone for Katsionis’ musical prowess.

The material is catchy with the guitar riff and choruses intact, not to mention the penmanship skills were brought forth with the help of vocalist Bjorn Jansson writing lyrics, which are dark concepts described in reality. In the end, Katsionis balances out the record to be a guitar-based record while providing a unity of a band related effort.

Rating: 7/10

Hashman - 5/14/2005
Review by Hashman
Released by
Lion Music - 2005

1- Hypnotized
2- The Sign of Today
3- When All is Gone
4- The Nightmare of Kain
5- Roughly Scratched but Alive
6- Korozon (The Lord of Evil)
7- Peace of Mind
8- Blind Eyes
9- Dark Angel
10- In My Life

Imaginery: Long Lost Pride

Imagine a band that combines Eighties arena rock (“Roughly Scratched But Alive”) and epic metal (“Korozon, The Lord of Evil”) with the sheer muscle of progressive speed metal (just about everything else on the 10-track second CD from Greece’s Imaginery). Kick it all off with a latter-day Whitesnake rip-off (“Hypnotized”), throw in a Jorn-meets-Symphony-X corker (“In My Life”) and then add absolutely one of the worst metal songs ever (“Blind Eyes”), and you’ve got an album that tries to extend itself beyond the European status quo. For the most part, Long Lost Pride succeeds – although on first spin, only a few tracks jump out. But thanks to the writing of guitar and keyboard wiz Bob Katsionis, plus the leather lungs of Bjorn Jansson (Tears Of Anger), Imaginery emerges with a powerful sound given added gravity with lyrics about human behavior and the horrors of modern war. Guest guitarists include Gus G. (Firewind), Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged) and Michael Harris. Despite the band name and the still-awful-after-several-spins "Blind Again," this album sounds more and more real with every spin.

Track Listing:
1) Hypnotized
2) The Sign of Today
3) When All Is Gone
4) The Nightmare of Kain
5) Roughly Scratched But Alive
6) Korozon, The Lord of Evil
7) Peace of Mind
8) Blind Eyes
9) No Other Way
10) In My Life

Reviewer: Michael Popke
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Imaginery - Long Lost Pride (Lion Music) Review by Joe Florez

Bob Katsionis, who is the keyboard/guitarist for Firewind, has put together a band of his own and has released one record prior to this. Vocalist Bjorn Jansson (Tears Of Anger) joins the crew and you get a load of guest guitarists ranging from Gus G., Michael Harris and Marcel Coehnen. These guys mean business with their brand of power progressive metal. The vocals are first rate as they are about as manly sounding as possible. “Hypnotized” is a furious opener with thick and hard n’ heavy drumming. The guitars, especially during the solo, simply shreds and the keyboard work is loaded with talent. While it’s technical, there is plenty of melody and it’s still able to hold your attention. Hot 

damn! “The Sign Of Today” makes the first track sound like a ballad. This one has more kick and there is even a sudden burst of blast beats added to this jam. It’s full steam ahead for these relative new comers to the scene. Man, can these guys write good compositions! After a few tracks of speed and aggression, “Roughly Scratched But Alive” is a mixture of mid tempo pacing blending with more thunderous drumming and massive guitar licks, which makes this another gem. Another number that grabs your ear and refuses to let go is the epic sounding “Korozon (The Land Of Evil).” There is a vibe on here that is cool and unforgettable. Mix that with everything else that they play and you are in for one awesome ride. This may have flown through the metal radar detector without notice, but hopefully after people read this they will pick up on the band. This record has everything you could ask for. Fans of Dream Theater, Symphony X and the like would be foolish not to snatch this up. | 

Artist: Imageinery
Title: Long Lost Time

Genre: Power Metal
Released 25 March 2005

Imaginery is the brainchild of the multi talented Bob Katsionis, who
has teamed up with the wonderful vocal talents of Swedish singer,
Bjorn Jannson (Tears Of Anger). Initial listens suggested yet another
generic power metal band, in the vien of Stratovarius, Angra and
Gamma Ray. But if you stay with the album for a little more time,
there is plenty on offer to sway you around to some more positive
Speedy European sounding power metal yes, but the golden voice of
Jannson, is pure gold, who unlike many of his peers, pours a lot of
emotion and soul into delivering Bob Katsionis compositions. The
music does get bogged down in places, there's nothing on offer that
hasn't been done many time before.
The added bonus is a the trio of special guests, Gus G (Firewind,
Dream Evil), Marcel Coenen (Lemur Voice/Sun Caged) and Micheal
Harris, each adding some world glass guitar playing and some
bistering fretboard work, that puts a nice shine on things.
With all these guests, its still the amazing voice of Bjorn Jannson,
that steals the show for me, he reminds me of Glenn Hughes, vocally
and having such a strong voice, that can carry an average song to
greater heights. The songs range right across the metal specrum, with
the fast songs, being equalled with the more melodic and soulful
The album's only let down is the production, nothing great, but not
up to scratch of the above mentioned bands.

Graham Boyle
Get Ready To Rock!

This time the very talented Bob Katsionis (Nightfall, Septic Flesh) time up with singer Bjorn Jansson (Tears of Anger) for the new Imaginery album that's sound more heavy then the previous release. Agressive power metal at its best! You got a very strong vocals, not your typical high pitched power metal singer and that's a got thing. This guy got a lot of power and it's easy to see that he's a really talented singer. But I sugest you to listen to this album for the guitars. Heavy guitar songs but the most imporant, those riffs are more than excellent! Amazing melodies and the execution is perfect! A couple of grooves but most of the time this is high speed power metal that got some influence from thrash metal in the heavier moments. You want big solos that'll blow you away, you got plenty on this album! A top notch production for a top notch band! Power metal fans should buy that record blindly!