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The Amazing 2nd Opus

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Killer melodic metal act from Sweden:
Benny Jansson: Guitar
Björn Jansson: Vocals
Daniel Flores(Mind's Eye): Drums
Johan Niemann(Therion): bass

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Benny Jansson
Tears of Anger
In the Shadows Lion Music
by John Kindred www.hardrockhaven.net
Staff Writer Comments: Tears of Anger return with their sophomore release, In The Shadows, on Lion Music. Brothers Benny and Björn Jansson are joined by drummer Daniel Flores (Mind's Eye) and bassist Johan Niemann (Mind's Eye, Therion). Following up their debut release, Still Alive, with music that expands upon their melodic, progressive and metal tendencies, the band delivers another fine opus.

From Björn Jansson comes a voice that falls between a harsher, grittier James Christian (House of Lords) and the progressive nuances of Jorn Lande (Masterplan).
Even hints of Doug Pinnick seep through on "Spirit Running Free" and "How I Live."
The guitar interplay between Benny and Bjorn is extremely heavy and very progressive. The duo produces edgy guitar rhythms that intertwine with the aggressive drumming of Flores and bass antics of Niemann.

The music is ferociously heavy … and for the first six songs features very melodic choruses featuring the vocal harmonies of the brothers. Teetering on the edge of the dark side with the minor tonality of many of the compositions, the band captures your attention for the first half of the album with these lavish vocal arrangements and promptly shift gears away from the big vocal choruses on some the CDs final songs.

Starting off with "In The Shadows," a progressive driving number, ripping with energy and the first huge chorus to be heard on the CD. "Spirit Running" mixes heavy riffs in the verses with a melodic bridge which takes you into the chorus. If anger is what you need then Tears of Anger complies with "I Hate You," a lyrically cheeky endeavor whose chorus proclaims these words in way that can not be construed as a loving sentiment.

"Sell My Soul" opens with a brief piano intro which is soon joined by heavy guitars and vocal accompaniment, the song appears to have an influence from Masterplan's "Soulburn," and a heavy dose of compositions recorded by House of Lords. In fact the progressive nature of many of the riffs accompanied by Bjorn's vocals produces the same level of intensity as the band Masterplan. The band gives off subtle hints of neo-classical metal influences throughout the album. "Live Those Dreams" displays those influences as well as do many of the other songs represented on the CD.

With the slight change in the vocal accompaniment on the last few songs the dynamics of In The Shadows changes slightly and it will take a few more spins to feel and hear the subtle nuances that bind the CD together as a whole. It almost makes since to start your first listening experience by jumping straight to song number 7 "Scene of the Crime," and listen until the final song "I'm Coming Home." Run through this scenario a couple of time and then spin the whole CD.

There most certainly something brewing over in Sweden, as many of today's quality progressive and hard rock releases are of from this country. Sweden has turned into Europe's equivalent to the L.A. music scene of the '80s. Tears of Anger prove that they are as good as if not better than their peers.


Band Members:
Bjorn Jansson (g)(v)
Benny Jansson (g)
Daniel Flores (d)
Johan Niemann (b)

Track Listing:
01. In The Shadows
02. Spirit Running Free
03. Tears In My Eyes
04. I Hate You
05. Sell My Soul
06. Live These Dreams
07. Scene Of The Crime
08. Light Up My Fuse
09. How Will I Live
10. Full Of Lies
11. Close To The Fire
12. I'm Coming Home

HRH Rating: 8.4/10

Lion Music Tears of Anger are yet another example of the high caliber of Rock and Metal bands coming out of the Scandinavian music scene. Yet how many Rock and Metal fans in America, for example, have heard of Tears of Anger, and how many guitar enthusiasts, outside or even inside of guitar circles, have heard of the extraordinary guitarist Benny Jansson? He released no less than three Fusion albums prior to organizing Tears of Anger with his brother Bjorn, who handles the vocals. American and European audiences alike would do well to shine the spotlight on Tears of Anger and recognize their superb musicianship, stylization, and production values. In the Shadows deserves to be brought out of the shadows and enjoyed by Heavy Rock and Metal fans around the world.

The new album is Tears of Anger's second release and features the same lineup as on their debut (Still Alive, 2004, Lion Music), with Benny Jansson on guitar and keyboards, Bjorn Jansson on vocals, Daniel Flores (Mind's Eye) on drums, and Johan Niemann (Mind's Eye, Therion) on bass.

Of the twelve cuts, all of which are strong, about half possess a progressive feel similar to Jorn Lande's songwriting as well as his vocal style. The other songs stay closer to a Blues base, but are still ultra-heavy. Bjorn Jansson's soulful singing on the latter cuts is often akin to Doug Pinnick's (King's X), with those extended Blues phrases and that emotional vibrato. Moreover, King's X fans will appreciate some of Benny Jansson's wicked guitar riffs à la Ty Tabor.

Benny's lead guitar work displays maturity far above the average Metal speedster. He has an intense lead style of his own, but for the sake of comparison, his light touch, fluidity and overall technical ability are on par with the likes of wizards such as Kee Marcelo (K2, Europe) or even Allan Holdsworth. His solos are picture-perfect and show off some incredibly fast runs and slick legato lines. Although for this album, he keeps a rein on his instrumental chops, perhaps too tightly. There are no lengthy, exhibitionistic solos here, nor any flights of Fusion (for those, check out Benny's solo albums).

The striking quality of the music on In the Shadows is the huge atmosphere, a result of the synergies between the instrumentation and the arranging. One can imagine instrumental versions of some of the songs serving well as a powerful movie soundtrack. Interesting keyboard synth sounds are smartly integrated in the arrangements; they fill out the soundscape and make the guitars larger than life. By the way, the album was produced, engineered, and mixed by Benny Jansson.

The inclusion of songs with a dark, heavy Prog-Metal flavor, as well as those with a straighter, heavy Blues approach, makes In the Shadows a very satisfying album. A longer guitar solo here and there and a greater variety of instrumentation would have been pluses, but the album is highly recommended for its large sound, high-energy songs, expert guitar work and outstanding production.

Band: www.TearsOfAnger.com

Label: www.LionMusic.com

TEARS OF ANGER - In the Shadows
Lion Music

Release Date: 2006-02-27

by: JASON SAGALL www.metalexpressradio.com

Email: jason@metalexpressradio.com

Tears Of Anger - In The Shadows

Lion Music

Rating - 8/10

Review Steve Atkinson www.hardrockhouse.com

Described by Lion Music’s (www.lionmusic.com) accompanying press release, this album is “a mix of melodic, progressive and metal like you’ve never heard before…” which is immediately obvious, less progressive and a touch more metal to my ear, but intrinsically woven with a true grasp of melody. The band are built around brothers, Benny and Bjorn (seriously) Jansson and feature the immeasurable talents of Daniel Flores (Mind’s Eye) and Johan Niemann (Mind’s Eye, Therion).  

These collective talents converge to produce a bombastic group of tunes with genuine quality, blending detuned guitar and bass riffs with almost operatic keyboard layers to create an expansive sound. Intertwined with some impressive, neo-classical shredding the album is a balanced display of superb song writing. In a sense, it’s reminiscent of “Odyssey-era” Malmsteen, an album that was more focused toward the overall song structure (thanks I imagine to Joe Lynn Turner) and less about writing a tune around a lightning solo, thankfully, Tears Of Anger have kept the guitar histrionics limited to a sense of “embellishment” rather than focus. 

Bjorn Janssen’s impressive voice is the perfect foil to brother Benny’s guitar, leading the band through the ballsy stomp of “Light My Fuse” and the almost grinding “Close To The Fire” and “How Will I Live”. Each tune deserves its place and is compounded by an enormous production quality forcing the brain to take notice. And it will take notice, another classy example of Swedish power metal and a worthwhile purchase. 

More at www.tearsofanger.com


Track List

In The Shadows
Spirit Running Free
Tears In My Eyes
I Hate You
Sell My Soul
Live Those Dreams
Scene Of The Crime
Light Up My Fuse
How Will I Live
Full Of Lies
Close To The Fire
I'm Coming Home

Line Up

Benny Jansson - Guitars
Bjorn Janssen - Vocals
Daniel Flores - Drums
Johan Niemann - Bass

Tears of Anger – In the Shadows

2006 Lion Music

There has always been a dark element of metal that has made it so intriguing the musical mindset. It is no surprise that many bands take the dark and moody route full-on to create an atmosphere that profuses the textures of melodic shadows; so to speak. With this project consisting of the Jansson brothers, Bjorn and Benny, the melding of melodic rock and dark progressive metal collide again on their latest effort ‘In the Shadows.’

Obviously, this is a song-oriented record that is complimented by musicianship, similar to Timo Kotipelto’s solo material, late period Sabbath, At Vance, and Vanden Plas, consisting of dark grinding guitars, anthem choruses, harmonies, keyboard textures, and the axe attack of Benny Jansson’s six string prowess; where there are no overboard jam sessions and improvisations that might distract from the highly melodic stance that these guys provide.

Driving through dark tunes such as ‘Live These Dreams’ and the title track, playing upbeat grinding numbers on ‘Light up my Fuse’ and ‘Tears in my Eyes,’ as well as providing emotional tempers with ‘I Hate You,’ ‘In the Shadows’ roars with a mass of harmonious thrust that again marks a high point for melodic and dark technical metal.

Added: February 17th 2006
Reviewer: Tommy Hash www.ytsejam.com

Tears Of Anger - In The Shadows (Lion Music) By: Joe Florez www.live4metal.com

It seems like the rhythm section of bassist Johan Niemann (Therion) and drummer Daniel Flores (Mind’s Eye) are getting a ton of work by appearing on several artists CDs branded with Lion Music. I have only heard the name before and what I heard on here is quite interesting. The title track gets the show going with a very heavy/progressive intro, but repeats in the middle and end. The drums are performed with the greatest of ease, but there is some thunderous pounding going on. The six string work exudes anger just like in their name. There is a certain venom that’s going on, but I like it. What’s kind of bizarre is the way that the chorus is handled. During the song, which is building up to this point, Bjorn 

belts out his tune with a clean, but gruffy voice and when this zenith is reached everything sort of changes into an AOR vibe. There are these great harmony vocals that are in unison in which he lets loose as if there wasn’t going to be a next time. Before you know it, the boys are all at it again playing with fire. “Spirit Running Free” showcases lower tuned axes that chugga chugga away with fury and without a doubt delivers more bang for your buck. Damn, “I Hate You” is a pretty ugly song. For the most part, the composition drags to a degree with the riffs going though the thick mud. Check out this line in the chorus that I wasn’t expecting: (“I Hate You! I Hate You! Can’t stand your breath, can’t stand your smell”). Perhaps someone forgot to bathe and brush their teeth. Pretty wacky. Each track pretty much follows in the same steps as the others by playing in a mid tempo and utilizing the formula of melodies, AOR, rough, rugged & clean lung work, shredding guitar solos, bombastic choruses and prog. Throw it in a blender and this is what you get, albeit with occasional light keyboard work that adds a bit of atmosphere. The press release said that this was something not really heard before and I do have to agree with it. I think that while some of the traditionalists may gravitate toward this, others may not due to it being too heavy. However, I think that folks that like their music with more punch and less elegance should check this out. Writing this review does the sound no justice. It just needs to be heard in order to get the true feeling that is displayed. 
www.lionmusic.com | www.tearsofanger.com 

The songs In the Shadows began and I already knew that would rock! A solid groove with a huge catchy chorus! Again blending progressive & melodic hard rock & power metal, Tears of Anger got a better production this time. It sounds better! The guitar work has been more than well done with some amazing riffs and very good solos that fit perfectly with the songs! Again, the vocals are dead on! Perfect execution! The backing vocals are still very present and sound killer. Vocally speaking, this is awesome! Even if their many elements from prog, it's very easy to listen to and very catchy so even if you better like their power metal side, you'll be able to listen to this album from start to finish and you'll understand everything if you know what I mean! The song 'I hate you' feature every elements you need in Tears of Anger: the prog elements, the amazing catchy chorus, the solos,etc... Even the ballad 'Sell my soul' is an amazing piece of work. Amazing vocals, amazing solos and huge melodies!! Basically, this is a huge improvement! I already like the first record but this one is way better and I really hope that they'll get the attention they deserve cause they wrote a killer album! No filler, good from the first to the last track!! Fans of the genre will definitly like it!!



Band history still to come.

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Tears Of Anger - Still Alive (7,5/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 42:24
Band homepage: Tears Of Anger


  1. The Awakening
  2. Still Alive
  3. Afraid Of The Dark
  4. Sword Of Sorrow
  5. Nightmare
  6. Moment Of Truth
  7. Revenge Will Come
  8. Watch Me Run
  9. Walk Away
  10. Kings Call
  11. Who Am I
Tears Of Anger - Still Alive 

We write the year 2004, the gentlemen Björn and Benny Jansson set out to combine AOR and Metal under the banner of TEARS OF ANGER. OK, the two guys originally started out under the name of MINDCRIME in the early Nineties and still in the Nineties formed TEARS OF ANGER, but that only on the side. An album that they recorded for Montezuma Records completely sunk, never released, after which Benny released TWO ROCKS, with songs that Björn originally had wanted to use for a different project. They continued until they finally decided to reanimate TEARS OF ANGER and go into the studio.


“Still Alive“ is the result of this mission and I must say that the guys do a really good job with it. You will find AOR as well as Power Metal of the Scandinavian school and also several progressive elements to loosen up the whole thing. So the beginning of “The Awakening” reminds me a lot of the Prog masters, with a light EVERGREY touch, before the voice of Björn Jansson sets in and the music also gets straighter to culminate in a very catchy chorus of the Scandinavian school, very good start!


And the following title track proves this even further, showing the Swedes’ ability to combine catchy Rock with powerful guitars and demanding breaks, but without losing track of their goal. “Sword Of Sorrow” shows us the a bit more epic, at times balladesque side of TEARS OF ANGER, but without forgetting to step on the gas a bit, while “Nightmare” right after unleashes double-bass and more intricate guitar lines and celebrate the Scandinavian neo-classical Metal.


Especially in the choruses Björn packs his voice into velvet, while in between, befitting the music, also gets a bit more powerful, especially in combination with the at times surprisingly strong progressive elements, “Revenge Will Come” is the best example for this, here TEARS OF ANGER sound a bit like a bit more progressive JORN in the song structure, a compliment, I’d like to add!


On “Kings Call“ the boys cross over into Melodic Rock, with a lot of groove and a super-catchy, very melodic chorus, which successfully makes sure that to drift off into the unfortunately often rather sappy majority of this style, before letting out a truly monstrous chorus that captures you right away.


A more than good debut, I would say, which definitely hits the target very well, a nice change. If you always had thought that Melodic Rock needed more guitars and that Power Metal would sound so much better with softer choruses, then check out TEARS OF ANGER, chances are good that you won’t regret it! (Online October 27, 2004)

www.metal-observer.com    Alex


Tears Of Anger are from Sweden put together by brothers Bjorn and Benny Jansson, along with Daniel Flores (from Mind's Eye & Faro) and Johan Niemann (from Mind's Eye & Therion).  Musically if you like those bands then you will find lots to enjoy here, one factor of this record has to be Bjorn's vocals which are almost a mix of Glenn Hughes, Jorn Lande and Jeff Scott Soto as heard on the excellent opening track 'The Awakening', this is a fine example of progressive metal aka Dream Theater with hard rock edges thanks to Bjorns killer vocals. The band get a little more experimental on 'Still Alive' which is quite modern, especially vocally, its works and is very catchy, I loved the chorus. Next up is  'Afraid Of The Dark', this track is very melodic with atmospheric keyboards, it makes me think of Queensryche in places, Bjorn again sings this song to stunning effect melodic atmospheric and progressive, perfect enjoyable track. 'Sword Of Sorrow' is darker and melodic, Bjorns vocals remind me of the guy from Freak Kitchen crossed with Harry Hess of Harem Scarem circa "Big Bang Theory" on this track, the chorus sways and you can just imagine this track being performed in the live circle, glorious and melodic power metal played with, superb track, very much like a progressive Harem Scarem. 'Nightmare' is heavier and catchy with fantastic fret action, strong vocals almost aka Jeff Scott Soto, I loved this song, very catchy and punchy with raspy vocals. 'Moment Of Truth' explodes at you and again you can imagine Jeff Scott Soto performing this, its a good vibrant modern metal track with chunky riffs aka Humanimal.  
'Revenge Will Come' is quite progressive but also melodic aka Talisman crossed with the afforementioned Harem Scarem/Freak Kitchen qualities and is another highlight, the chorus is very laid back and melodic. 'Watch Me Run' is a commercial catchy modern hard rocker, this is excellent and the vocals are superb. 'Walk Away' is pure Talisman/Humanimal, the guitar works is very neo-classical based and again Bjorn's vocals are like Jeff Scott Soto's an excellent track, very catch and possibly the best song of the whole record. 'Kings Call' is a heavier stomping rocker, very melodic in style too. 'Who I Am' ends the album on a racy melodic note and is another good track with strong vocals, the whole track is very melodic and the chorus is just stunning and something you may find on an Ark or Jorn Lande album, excellent track.
First impression of "Still Alive" left me cold, however after living with it for a few weeks I have found it growing on me like hell, especially Bjorn's vocals, he is a fantastic singer with a diverse range and he delivers what is expected on each track, thus the album is brilliant and diverse and full of very catchy songs that any fans of the above bands will enjoy, roll on album number two.
Nicky Baldrian


TEARS OF ANGER - Still Alive

The two brothers Benny and Björn Jansson are two well-known musicians in Sweden. Through the eighties and
mid nineties they worked for one of Sweden`s best selling labels called Lionheart Records. They did producing,
engineering and playing for many artists and they were both well hired studio musicians. The idea of starting
Tears Of Anger began when the two brothers wanted to mix AOR and Metal together. They signed a deal with
Montezuma records, but for reasons yet unknown, the album was never released. In the late nineties the two
brothers stopped working together for a while, Björn worked as session vocalist and singer with artists and bands
like Erika, Two Rocks and Snakes In Paradise. Benny also continued his career working with Two Rocks, The
Johansson Brothers, Talisman and Svullo, he also released three soloalbums in this period. After working with
Daniel Flores (Mind`s Eye, Faro) on his latest soloalbum, Daniel was asked to join Benny and Björn in Tears
Of Anger. The band searched for a bassplayer for a while and ended up with Daniel`s bandmate from Mind`s
Eye, Johan Niemann. With a great lineup the band finally could start working on their debut Still Alive, who
was released by Lion Music in March.

It comes great bands from Sweden all the time and Tears Of Anger is another great proof on that. With the debut,
Still Alive, they mix elements of Melodic Hard Rock/ Melodic Metal with a touch of progressive rock. It`s easy to
hear that the two brothers Björn and Benny has a lot of experience in the music business. Björn is a great singer
who sometimes reminds me of a mix between Bjorn Lodin (Baltimoore) and Andy Engberg ( Section A). Benny is
a very good guitarplayer with a lot of technical riffs and solos, his style in playing is sometimes like Pete Lesperance
(Harem Scarem) and Alfred Koffler in Pink Cream 69. The watertight rhythm-section with Daniel Flores (Mind`s
Eye, Faro) and Johan Nieman (Mind`s Eye) sounds rock solid. The production by Björn and Benny is very good
and they have managed to make a huge massive sound and it is obvious that they have put a lot of work in the song-
writing too. The first track, The Awakening, presents Tears Of Anger very good with a bit of most of the styles
they are through on the album. The song has some small progressive parts mixed with a dose of Melodic Metal,
Hard Rock plus a nice chorus and great played instruments. With many highlights like Afraid Of The Dark, Sword
Of Sorrow, and the Prog oriented Revenge Will Come, plus the very nice Classic Hard Rock oriented King`s
Call they show us big talent and great skills. Still Alive is a very strong debut I will recommend to everyone who
like a bit of Prog, Melodic Metal and Classic Metal and Hard Rock!

Tears Of Anger are:

Benny Jansson - Guitar
Björn Jansson - Vocal,
Daniel Flores - Drums
Johan Niemann -Bass



Tears of Anger
Still Alive
(Lion Music,2004)

Producer: Benny Jansson/Bjorn Jansson
Style: Hard rock
Format: Album
Website: www.tearsofanger.com
Reviewed by: Kaj www.melodic.net
I know some of my friends just can´t listen to numetal or other modern hard rocking bands,they want the old school of classic 70´s or 80´s sounding hard rock but not many new bands manages to get it straight.
If they do have that old style,the good songs are missing or the production is too lame but in this case with the new Swedish band Tears of Anger-I can give all you suckers for classic melodic hard rock a real treat to look into with the tip of their debut "Still Alive".
I,myself am a huge fan of Graham Bonnet and just love the albums "Down to Earth" (Rainbow),"Assault attack" (MSG) and "Disturbing the peace" (Alkatrazz) that he sings on,so it is with joy I can present to you this band that recorded the follow up album to MSG´s Assault attack that never Schenker/Bonnet made.
Singer Bjorn Jansson sounds like a mix of Bonnet and Jorn Lande,a terrific voice perfectly made for this mighty hard rock album and his guitarplaying brother Benny Jansson is known for his much appreciated solo works and the Two Rocks album.
Benny´s riffs hails somewhere between Schenker and Vai,the album should have a warning sign of being addictive to playing airguitar.The idea of Tears of anger began when the brothers wanted to mix AoR and Metal together, to create something dark yet so melodic no one could resist their music.
They drafted drummer Daniel Flores (Minds Eye, Faro) and bassist Johan Niemann (Therion) into the band and the success was a fact,"Still Alive" is like a book that shows you how to make a good song and play it right,when so many of our old heroes can´t write and record great albums any longer like they used to......it´s so nice to hear that Tears of Anger fills that hole greatly.


Tears Of Anger provide a perfect mix of Godsmack meets Hammerfall meets Dream Theatre... yes, that sounds crazy, but they do it, and it works. Brothers Bjorn and Benny Jansson have concieved such a project that is modern and dark, but stays within the new generation of Melodic Metal with big hooks. Benny Jansson's fret-work is nothing short of brilliant, if you havn't heard him play you have to check this out. Bjorn's voice has a scratchy edge, but his sense of melody is incredible. I must mention the bass playing of Daniel Flores and the drumming of Johan Nieman as well, they provide and awesome punch to the music and compliment the music amazingly well.

Some of the stronger tracks in my opinion are "Moments Of Truth" an emotionally charge mid-tempo fist-raising anthem. For the prog fans, there's many songs that'll stick out, like the opener "The Awakening" and "Revenge Will Come". Incidentally those track really show off Benny Jansson's guitar prowess. "Watch Me Run" has more of an 80's groove that reminded me a bit of fellow Swedes "The Electric Boys".

Overall, a VERY strong effort and should suit anyone who likes their rock heavy, edgy and their musicianship superb. If these guys don't go on to bigger and better things I will be amazed.

Tears of Anger - Still alive
With members rising from the ashes of musical endeavors, both positive and negative, Tears of Anger resurrect themselves back into action straight from the minds of metal veterans, brothers Benny and Bjorn Jansson. Having an extended hiatus period, from the beginnings in the early nineties then to reform with drummer Daniel Flores and his Mind’s Eye bandmate Johan Nieman offering a dark record of melodic metal filled with catchy AOR hooks and the musicianship to match.

High points include the crunch driven “Moment of Truth,” the thick groove ridden riffs of “Still Alive,” “Afraid of the Dark,” complete with an anthem chorus, the straight ahead metal opus “Watch me Burn” yet even more crunch, with and “Who I Am,” which leans upon the occasional progressive pasture in the chorus, mixing that with pop harmonies.

The albums straight ahead metal vibe (filled with the strengths of their songwriting that creates the melodic factor for Still Alive), occasional dark factor (without the gloominess or doom elements) within the eleven cuts, occasional synth pads providing complimenting that dark vibe, and the tight chops and production that keep all the elements for their brand of melodic metal in tow; being both groove and riff driven at times, keeping a balance for both the playing and song structures, creating a more down-to-earth record, without going into far into progressive areas, but all kidding aside, they could do it if they wanted to, and very well most likely.

To sum it up, the disc is one solid record, with the elements of the member’s rich musical past present, Still Alive will be “Alive” in my CD player for a while.

Rating: 7/10  www.revelationz.net/

Hashman - 7/20/04