A strictly imited edition digipak of 750 copies will be available of Sweden's prog metal sensation's debut album.


Become is the debut album from Seventh Wonder, a fantastic young and talented progressive metal band from Sweden that will turn a lot of heads around. "The arrangements are more than well done, the guitar work is outstanding and the execution is perfect! Those musicians are so talented! If you're looking for huge melodies and big solos that may be a good choice. The complexity of progressive, the intensity of metal and the rock vibe! That's what Seventh Wonder is all about." - The Darkest Hours. The band is spearheaded by guitarist Johan Liefvendahl, and includes vocalist Tommy Karevik, bassist Andreas Blomqvist, drummer Johnny Sandin, and keyboardist Andreas Soderin.


1. Day By Day 3:54
2. Like Him 5:30
3. The Damned 4:31
4. Temple In The Storm 6:16
5. Blinding My Eyes 3:50
6. The Secret 4:15
7. What I've Become 8:40
8. In The Blink Of An Eye (bonus track)