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Lion Music was founded in 1989 as a production company for the composer and artist Lars Eric Mattsson to handle production and licensing businesses in Europe, USA and Asia. At that time it was never intended that Lion Music would become the record label that it has since evolved into.

At the end of 2020 Lion Music has released about 470 titles on CD, LP and more recently as download and has become a leading force in progressive rock and metal. Lion Music works worldwide with distributors and licensing partners where needed. Adapting to a new reality in the music business Lion Music will continue to be a leading force in the future, never afraid of changes. Music will always be there.


Lars Eric Mattsson


Lars is the head of the label and the man responsible for making the label what it is today.  For all general label enquires contact Lars.


Lion Music
Sandåsvägen 4C 12
22100 Mariehamn

Do not send promo packages to this address (see below).


The music business as we used to know it does no longer exist but there will always be music. Artists need to be heard.  We prefer real bands with dedicated members (who are not in several bands at the same time) and who regularly tour over studio projects and one man "bands".