The prog sensation from the Netherlands return seven years after the successful ”The Grand Design”with their finest album to date!

Day Six’ music could best be described as progressive rock/metal, although it includes symphonic elements, as well as pop, electro, jazz and funk influences.  Founded in 1996 under the name Peanuts, the band is known as Day Six since 2002 and changed to its current line-up in 2015. Long-time musical friends and original members Robbie van Stiphout (guitars, vocals) and Daan Liebregts (drums) share a history of 20 years of making music together. Eric Smits (bass, backing vocals) joined the band in 2011, after gaining broad musical experience as a singer and bass player in Casual Silence and several other bands. Keys player Rutger Vlek is the most recent addition to the Day Six line up (2015), and has played with Orpheo and Autumn in the past, as well as being involved in various studio projects..

Please describie the new album musically and lyrically?
A musical tribute to all those who dare to be, or simply have to be different because they ARE different.
Each song stands for a specific example in being an oddball, dissenter, recluse.....a loser or winner in the eye of the beholder.
Day Six are no exception here, in being the odd one out musically. Some slices of progrock, a chunk of metal, a handfull of rock and jazzrock, bits and pieces of blues and funk: a freaky mixture and an adventurous musical experience!

if you had to choose one artist (I know this is hard) but if we had to say "recommended for fans of XXXX" who would that be?
We kind of have a discussion about that...

how does it differ from preious recordings (if any)
Besides the fact that it's recorded by a new lineup with new input, The contrast in the music has even grown. Day Six shows their heaviest-, most mellow-, technical and chatchiest side on the album.  

What was the goal with making this album?
Our mutual goal was to create a kick ass album; a worthy follow up to the album "the Grand Design". To enjoy the process of writing and recording it and take the music to a lot of stages both in the Netherlands as abroad. Of course we also made plans in taking the production, the overall sound to a higher level. We're very happy to have achieved those goals. 

Any specific influences towards music or lyric subject?
Musically we've been inspired by 70's bands like, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Rush, Yes and ELP as well as modern bands like Pain of Salvation, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Muse, Transatlantic and Dream theater    

how long did it take to make this album:
The recordings started at april 25th and finished at september 25th, so exactly 5 months of very hard work:)

what has the different musicians contributed to the result?
This album, Solitary League, was written and recorded by a new lineup. Veteran members Daan on drums and Robbie on vocals and guitars were joined by Rutger on keys and Eric on bass and vocals. Since Eric is besides a great bassplayer also a good vocalist the albums contains more harmonieus vocals. And with Rutger as well a spheric- as a virtuous master on keys you can call it Day Six 2.0  Writting music is still a bandproces with input from each bandmember.

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1. Hypervigilant    
2. Flight to Mars     
3. Myriad Scars    
4. Math's Patterns    
5. The Cloud    
6. Grace in Words   
7. 3:09    
8. Deadlock    
9. Modern Solitude

Drums: Daan Liebregts -  Keys: Rutger Vlek - Bass/ backing vocals: Eric Smits - Guitar/Vocals: Robbie van Stiphout

Produced: Tiny van Stiphout, Day Six and Jochem Jacobs /  Engineered: Gijs van Heugten, Tiny van Stiphout, Rutger Vlek and Jochem Jacobs. Mix and Mastering: Jochem Jacobs @ Split Second Sound. /  /
Lion Music