Founded to play what they play best; metal music, the important common ground. From all cross the Netherlands and even Germany, let’s choose Eindhoven (NL) as the headquarters. With band members that earned their keeps in bands as Form, Sun Caged, Stormrider, Lemur Voice, Speedica, Holy Moses, Dreadlock Pussy and Sons of the Rain, you can never really be sure what to expect. Think aggressive, modern, old school, shred, groove, military, industrial, atmospheric, and bring all these elements together.

Godscum are:

STEVEN TOLKAMP - Lead vocals
MARCEL COENEN - Guitar and backing vocals
JOCHEN FUENDERS - Bass and backing vocals

Track listing:
01) The Great War
02) NWO
03) The Path of Life
04) Carmage Angel

05) Kill It
06) Drain the Life
07) Ripper

08) For Liberty
09) Thy Kingdom
10) Stand Our Ground
11) Indifferent Eyes
12) Dawn of Eternity