Imago Imperii was formed in Bologna, Italy in 2012 (after previously been called Operabardica).
The band was founded by Fabio Guarnieri (Gwarner, vocals) and Giovanni Esposito (keyboards).
After some local live shows during 2013 and 2014, they released the EP ''War for the Iron Crown'' in 2015.
After some line-up changes, they recorded their first full-lenght ''Legendaria'' in 2016.
In 2017 they finally found their current line up with the ''guitar hero'' Luke Fortini (guitar), Alessio Monacelli (Drums) and Michele Manderioli (Bass).
Finally in 2019 their second full-lenght ''Fate of a King'' (a concept about medieval England) is ready to see the light.
Imago Imperii have during these years played in several local clubs like Alchemica Music Club, Freakout, and opened shows for bands like: Vision Divine, Nanowar of Steel, Rain, Tarchon Fist etc.
In april 2019 Imago did a short tour in Croatia.


How would you describe the new album Musically?

 This album is a good mix of old school and new school of Power Metal, enriched with epic atmospheres and great guitar solos!

Lyrical concept:

FATE OF A KING is a medieval concept album about the historical figure of Harold Godwinson, the last anglosaxon King who died in the famous Battle of Hastings in 1066 AD.

What was the goal with making this album?

We have two main goals with FATE OF A KING: compact the new line-up (this is the first album with this guys) and improve the number of our follower in Italy and in the world! We hope we can do it with Lion Music!

Musical Influences

Many Power Metal bands and above all Blind Guardian and Helloween. Our guitarist Luke than, is heavily influenced by Mr. Yngwie Malmsteen...

How have band member changes affected the bands sound and dynamics  i.e. what have the new members brought to the band?

Surely new members have more experience than the older. Mick and Iskandar (bass and drums) are great rhythmic musician and Luke Fortini is a well known guitar shredder in local scene. The best thing is that we worked all together in the making of FATE OF A KING and I think this is GREAT!


Track Listing:

01. The Tapestry
02. Saxon Warriors
03. Kingdom's United
04. Fate of a King
05. The Landing
06. Battle at Stamford Bridge
07. Conqueror
08. Marching for Hope
09. King's Nightmare
10. Harold Rex
11. End of An Era

Musicians and composers on the release

All songs composed by Imago Imperii, all Lyrics written by Gwarner

Recording and production credits

Music recorded at LK Studio, vocals recorded at Marcello Studio. Mixing and mastering at Boat Studio

Offical band websites, facebook etc: