Joe McGurk - Elements

Joe McGurk of Opposing Motion has completed his first solo album "Elements" mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward, this is a super top notch sounding album with interesting compositions and superb performances.

1) Wind (The Calming Violence)
2) Fire (The Pain and Beauty)
3) Water (The Graceful Stranger)
4) Earth (The Aging Wisdom)
5) Elements (For Guitar and Orchestra)
6) Movement II - Requiem/Lacrymosa
7) Movement III - Grand Finale
Mixed and Mastered by Dennis Ward at the Trakshak
Guitars/Bass: Joe McGurk
Drums: Kevin Deplanche
All music and orchestrations by Joe McGurk except intro to track 2 transcribed and adapted from Mozart's Dies Irae.  Front cover art by Caio Caldas

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Joe McGurk - Elements is being released as digital download on April 17, 2015.



1)      Wind (The Calming Violence)
This is the longest track on the album, comfortable exceeding the 8 minute mark.  It portrays the calming, unpredictable and yet violent nature of the element with a common classical theme linking together violently paced guitars and fast solos all with a strong orchestral backdrop.

2)      Fire (The Pain and Beauty)
This opens with an adaptation from Mozart’s Dies Irae before going into its own theme and is the most neoclassical track on the album.  Again there is a strong orchestral influence and it is a fast unrelenting track with nice moments to portray the enigma of fire.  The solo section in this track is my favourite on the album.

3)      Water (The Graceful Stranger)
This is the first breather for the album after 2 fairly intense tracks.  Out of all of the elements this seemed the easiest one to portray as a calming force and the track is completely classical guitar with orchestra.
4)      Earth (The Aging Wisdom)
Probably the most violent and fast track as out of all the elements I saw this as the most damaged.  The softer sections towards the end represent the age and hidden wisdom below all of the scars.

5)      Elements (For Guitar and Orchestra)
This is the first part of three movements and builds from classical into electric with orchestra providing a building backdrop.

6)      Movement II – Requiem/Lacrymosa
This is heavily influenced by Augustin Barrios but is completely original.  It is a personal favourite and would love to play this with a full orchestra one day.

7)      Movement III – Grand Finale
The final movement and back to electrics for some neoclassical fun.  A track that brings all of the elements back together in more ways than one.