Korzo was founded in 2013 by Dimitriy Pavlovskiy (aka Dimi Rich). After first EP "Long Way to Shore" the band received offers from several labels to release a full-length album. Debut instrumental album "Polarity" released in 2014. Stylistically "Polarity" was more in post-rock/sludge genre. Tree years later project released second album 'Supremacy', which musically continued the previous album, but the band added some progressive/symphonic elements to make a richer sound. Also, the new record included vocals by Dimi Rich. Album gained a lot of positive feed-backs all around the world.
In October 2017 the band entered the studio with a new line-up for producing next album 'Inspire'. After one year of recording album completed and ready to be published.
Nowadays, with unique repertoire and kick-ass live performance, we are ready to show to You what the real music is!
Korzo begins its way to Your hearts.

How would you describe the new album musically/lyrically?

Jacob Moses:
 I will describe the album as a great calm to trouble waters wherefore, people face challenges everyday so, it's like an antidote.
Also, lyrically; I will like to describe it as nourishment to the soul.

What was the goal of making this album?

Jacob Moses:
The goal is to motivate and inspire people to go beyond their horizon. Nobody should settle with what lies within his (her) reach. There are more things yet to be unraveled; beautiful dreams yet to he achieved and many more fertile grounds yet to be cultivated.

Myroslav Danko:
At the beginning of making our album "Inspire" there were only two of us, no band and no exact goal we wanted to reach. But in a process, we met a lot of people who wanted to participate. It was no good until we met Jake and David. Their hardworking nature and loyalty to the idea were so astonishing and inspiring, that there was no other option for us except to work together. And, just like that, our goal has been formed. We realized that we want to inspire people to grow, to believe in themselves, to fight for their ideas, to improve their skills, to become better with every single day. And when that kind of a human meets the same one - there will be no boundaries for them.

Any specific influences towards music or lyric subject?

Jacob Moses:
All songs were inspired by the wealth of experience I gained whilst growing up as a child. It dawned on me that this songs will be preserved for posterity because, hopefully people will learn and treasure them.

Dimi Rich:
Most of this album was made on jams. We have some riffs/ideas and we tried to build a song on what the musical thought needed. Therefore, we didn't have an affection to concrete style, as a result we did a versatile album, which sounds quite different from previous Korzo albums.

David Ulrich:
During the whole period of my music activity there were an plenty of factors that influenced me as a musician, including composing this album. Among them, one can single out both personal facts and musical ones. I try to be a driving rhythmic force and at the same time underline the melody during making and performing all the songs. That's why I assign a special role to the "Black Album" by Metallica, and its influence on my musical approach. In particular, in finding for the perfect rhythm and its specific performance.

How have band member changes affected the bands sound and dynamics i.e. what have the new members brought to the band?

Jacob Moses:
As a band; we worked together to make every song what it should be. Observations from every member of the band brightened 'dark corners' - one person can't see everything else, it will take a longer time. Every observation was adopted and looked upon before it was used; no single one was discarded for any unthougtful reason.
We made it to this point because, we have same vision.

Dimi Rich:
On previous records I was only the one member who cared about writing music. But this album is a collective work. Each participant has made a huge contribution to the sound of the album and the band. As Jacob stated - one person can't see everything, and when it comes to producing a song it's very important to have a few side of views. Myroslav is a groovy guy, he like to add some moving to the songs. David a huge fan of make a simple, but effective drum parts, his drumming reminds me a big locomotive that creating a beat by turning its wheels. Jacob complete sound of a band by great catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics. Also, this guy formulated the main idea that we wanted to convey - Inspire everyone!

David Ulrich:
Lineup changes formed a new approach to the making music and sound of a band.

Please provide the history of the album i.e. when writing began, recording etc.

Dimi Rich:
The story begins somewhere in 2017 when I and Myroslav decided to do something together. Writing process started in October 2017 only by me and Myroslav. When we come up with some ideas we asked our friend David, to record drums for "In the End". We know each other by playing in some local bands and personally I wanted to record something with him. A week after David called me back and we talked by phone for an hour or something just discussing that song. He was really satisfied with the result and offered to make a real band out of this studio project. So, in December 2017 trio was formed, we started to do a lot of jams inside the studio. All that we needed is a good singer because I decided to concentrate on the instruments than vox. So, we started to look for a singer. One day I met Jacob when he asked me to produce some stuff for him. I invite him to the band rehearsal and we jammed for an hour after which he became a permanent member. A few days later we discovered that he also can play in piano, so there was a good solution to bring all keyboards on album to the performances.
In June 2018 we started tracking vocals. While recording Jacob was very concentrated on lyrics, he wanted to send a strong message through it and constantly saying "Inspire, I wanna write something that Inspires people." One day I was kinda tired of it and just told him "hey, just name the album Inspire". And he was kinda "yeah, that great idea, that's it!" Since everybody was happy with it we name it "Inspire".
Album was finished in October 2018.

Jacob Moses:
It all started on the 18th of June 2018 with a melody which ended up as one of our songs titled 'stay alive'.
The recording started in two days after I finished composing the song (stay alive) and so, I composed and recorded the second, till the last song (Aimless) which was recorded on the 30th of September 2018.
The composition periods were not tough for me because, I delight in it. On the other hand was the recording sections - which were so demanding.
I must not forget to thank God for bringing everything to an end with such a great success.


Track Listing:

02.Stay Alive
03.In the End

Musicians on release:

Jacob Erock Moses - vocals
Dimi Rich - Guitars/Bass/Backing Vocals/Additional Keyboards
Myroslav Danko - Guitars/Bass/Additional Keyboards
David Ulrich - Drums/Percussion

Choir  on "In the End" by:
Dimi Rich
Myroslav Danko
Jacob Moses
Toni Finchman

Keyboards at "Greatest" by Vasil Iržak

Production credits:

All music composed, arranged and produced by Korzo
All Lyrics by Jacob Erock Moses

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Beast Sound Studios
between October 2017 - October 2018
Engineered by Dimitriy Pavlovskiy

Cover Art by Tommy Fanta
All photos by Oleksandra Slyvkanych

Official website and social network site link/s: