There are a million of guitarists out there but Jim Ledford's "Red Hot Legato" you need to hear! This is a true veteran with a great sounding album made up of some very enjoyable songs and top notch players like Brett Garsed!

Haling from a small town in the Hudson Valley, NY. area Jim Ledford has been a professional guitar player and performing musician for over two decades. During his early stage of his career(1980s) was labeled as a very seasoned guitarist. Radio spots were an enjoyable gig for him in the late 80's and 90's. During the  1990's Jim had the pleasure of working with, and recording projects for the audio visual  department at the United States Military Academy, West Point NY. He also played warm up for many classic rock acts throughout his career. To name a few would be Foghat, and Three Dog Night. Jim played many venues in the Tri-State area during his longtime career. He has also recorded privately for many professional artists. Jim always contributes time to a limited number of students for private guitar lessons producing fine guitar players on the east coast and NY area.

Jim Ledford talks about this amazing “Red Hot Legato” album

Please describe the new album musically.

“My new instrumental album has many different musical flavors, as my goal is to capture several different groups of listeners and ultimately produce songs that would bring out a nice wide range of melodic yet still somewhat heavy guitar sounds overall. The main intention musically was to bring back some of the 1980’s hard rock guitar vibe, and or metal guitar sounds. Yet still incorporating some of my recent past melodic recordings. It involves a lot of different legato styles and solo work on the guitar, and that’s where the album name came into play as well.

If you had to choose one artist (I know this is hard) but if we had to say "recommended for fans of XXXX" who would that be?


How does it differ from previous recordings (if any)

“The new album will differ only due to the fact that I am musically mixing some styles up. The main vibe of my guitar playing and song writing is still all there in one way or another”

What was the goal with making this album?

“I wanted to bring back some heavier old school hard rock guitar feel, while still maintaining a sense of melodic overall flow. Its a strange combination musically, yet it does work together on this album.

Any specific influences towards music.

“No not really. I simply tried to go inside myself, and write musically from my own mind set for this album.”

How long did it take to make this album:

“Total song writing and recording time for this album, would be coming in at around six months total.”

What have the different musicians contributed to the result?

“Everyone playing on this album have all added their own great musical vibe and flavor. Some were hard hitting! and some added a jazz fusion feel. It all adds up to my goals for the album, which is why I chose certain musicians to join forces with me on this one! There is much greatness that came of out of everyone’s ideas and ultimately the tracks that made it to this album.”

Track by track:

“Blood Red Mira” Jim Ledford on all guitars and bass.
Jim Dooley on drums.

“The Mercury Opera” Jim Ledford on all guitars and drums.
Domenico Citriniti on Bass and Synths.

“Catholic Girls” Jim Ledford on guitars. Marek Stycos on guitars, bass, drums. Song originally written by Marek Stycos.

“Eyes In A Far Away Dream” Jim Ledford all rhythm and melody guitars, bass. Featuring Brett Garsed on opening and main guitar solos. Jim Dooley on drums.

“Close To The End” Jim Ledford on all guitars, drums and keys/synths. Domenico Citriniti on bass.

“Voodoo Lust” Jim Ledford on all guitars, bass and synths. Jim Dooley on drums.

“Drift” Jim Ledford on all lead guitars and drums. Jimmy Ledford III on all rhythm guitars. Rich Wagner on bass.

“Tenth Passage East” Jim Ledford on all guitars, keys and drums. Domenico Citriniti on bass.

“Alien Cat Thing” Jim Ledford on all guitars, synths and bass. Jim Dooley on drums.

“Walking Beside You” Jim Ledford on all guitars, synths and keys.



1. Blood Red Mira
2. The Mercury Opera
3. Catholic Girls
4. Eyes In A Far Away Dream
5. Close To The End
6. Voodoo Lust
7. Drift
8. Tenth Passage East
9. Alien Cat Thing
10. Walking Beside You

written by Jim Ledford except for “Catholic Girls” which was written by Marek Stycos.

Jim Ledford: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys.

Brett Garsed: Guitars

Jimmy Ledford III: Guitars

Marek Stycos: Guitars

Domenico Citriniti: Bass, keys

Rich Wagner: Bass

Drums: Jim Dooley

Produced by Jim Ledford


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