Luke Fortini - To Search


A troubled and exciting musical journey.

At the age of 12 I was struck by listening to Live After Death by Iron Maiden, I remember that I began to design and build a sort of guitar with a piece of wood and iron wires, inspired by the photos of the CD booklet Iron, precisely a photo of Adrian Smith with a black arrow guitar.

The path seems grotesque and unlikely, but for Christmas my parents gave me a cheap electric guitar and a small amplifier, given my passion that was being born.

From that day on, something lit up and I haven't stopped since to pick up a guitar.

I've played a little bit of everything over the years, even commercial genres.

I must remember a great experience, a European tour that lasted a total of 3 years (from 2002 to 2005) with Paul Di Anno (the singer of the first 2 Maiden albums).

The realization of 2 instrumental discs, the first Space Travel and the second The Grand Opus, several instrumental demos.

2 albums with the metal band Hyperion, which has received very good reviews all over the world, Dangerous Days and Into The Maelstrom.

An album called Fate Of A king and a tour in Croatia with Imago Imperii, an epic power metal band, where I still reside as a guitarist and composer.

Finally, arrived in this strange 2020, which has kept us all closed at home for a while, I churn out a new chapter: To Search.

Composed by Luke Fortini , recorded at LK studio , cover photo by Paolo Cavanna.

Instruments : guitars Fender Stratocaster custom , Bass Precision Squier , Casio keyboards , Cubase Pro for recording

Influences : Iron Maiden , Randy Rhoads , Yngwie Malmsteen , Joe Satriani , Allan Holdsworth , Jason Becker.
musical genres : heavy metal , neoclassic metal , jazz rock , progressive metal .

Goals : I hope this release is appreciated and distributed as much as possible.

Future Plans : keep playing as much as possible, in various situations.



1 Breath
2 Etude Op.1
3 The Crypt
4 Cittą Del Guercino
5 Alone
6 8 Bit
7 To Search
8 Intersection