Luke Fortini about his new album:
My new record Technical Supremacy is a totally instrumental project, with hints of neoclassical and progressive metal. This is a very technical release, a world that has always attracted me.

IIn my small way, I think I have had musical experiences not just, nothing huge to be clear, but still some tours in Europe in the past and album recordings with metal bands, primarily with Hyperion and Imago Imperii (Italian metal bands where I already play for several years).
Before the pandemic I also played in commercial cover bands, to make evenings in clubs and even weddings.

Who are your main influences?
My musical influences are varied, I try to make a complete list: Iron Maiden, Ozz Osbourne with Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, Slash, Joe Satriani, Jason Becker, Guns N 'Roses, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Allan Holdsworth, Savatage , Gary Moore, Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gamma Ray, Stratovarius (not the latest, but the original ones with Timo Tolkki),
Michael Jackson, Toto, Dream Theater, NicolÚ Paganini, Igor Stravinsky, Edvard Grieg and Alfred Schnittke.

Where and whwn did you record your new album?
The recording I made in my home studio (LK studio), starting in November 2021 and ending in January 2022, using Cubase Pro, Fender Stratocaster guitars, Line 6 and various plug-ins.

Is there a market for performing your kind of music in Italy?
Playing this type of instrumental music in Italy is not exactly easy.
It seems that it is difficult for a very established name, so for me it is a little more difficult.
However, one can never say, if the opportunity presented itself to me, I would certainly not back down.
So, the metal musical situation in my territory where I live, certainly cannot be defined as flourishing, but it is enough just to move a little on weekends and some concerts in some pub or bar can be found.

Some rock metal music clubs can be found.

I'm not one of those frustrated musicians who complain about playing little, because metal doesn't attract as many people as it once did, a quiet evening in any place, even non-metal, is fine by me.

But with my bands, when there is something to play, we start without a lot of fuss, even in small places.

What are your future plans?
My future projects are to continue playing the guitar, with my bands and even alone with my instrumental ideas, when the right inspiration will come, playing concerts when I have the opportunity, but in particular to be calm and face life with balance.

Planning too much for the future I don't think is a good idea, it leads to stress and it is better to be calmer.

Please tell me something about each track on your album!

It is a classic short-lived prelude, the guitar embroidering melodies under the choral carpet of keyboards.

Technical Supremacy.

The title track, the track that required a lot of composing and playing effort, between odd tempos, guitar and bass tapping in unison, various sweeps and fired solos, I think it really deserves this title.


This is the most progressive metal piece, with a truly complex opening riff, while the final solo takes full advantage of the hex tonal scale.


Very articulated track, The beginning is ambient, to accompany the clean guitar solo there is the murmur of the sea, then it continues with metal riffs and virtuoso solos. This track is also progressive metal.

I am passionate about ancient sea monsters and this is my tribute to the Megalodon.

Opus Omnia.

Another very long track, here I gave the best of myself, I could in fact call it my total work. Lots of neoclassical fugues, inspired solos, metal riffs, various harmonies, as well as a mention to Paganini at the beginning.

Il Diavolo.

The most bizarre piece, the word Il Diavolo, means The Devil.

It is a joke, in fact it is based on the tritone. Here with the shred I wanted to give it all hard, I didn't spare myself.

Run it the same live, I think it's impossible.

A Different Way.

Total improvisation, I wanted a jazz sound, there is no trace of rock and metal here, I can't explain why, but I felt like doing it.

Mysterious Life Forms.

Here is another very prog metal piece, based on a concept of aliens and space, a song not too long but demanding.

Serial Killer.

The most metal song of Technical Supremacy.

I follow various crime documentaries on the internet, episodes of serial killers attract me. I wanted to create a sick and heavy soundtrack, which recreates this theme of madness.

Walking On The Bridge.

The closing piece, a piece that lightens everything up a bit.

In fact there are funk and blues veins, obviously mixed with rock metal. Here I dosed technique and rock blues phrasing.





01 Prelude

02 Technical Supremacy

03 Revenge

04 Megalodon

05 Opus Omnia

06 Il Diavolo

07 A Different Way

08 Mysterious Life Forms

09 Serial Killer

10 Walking On The Bridge