We are proud to announce the signing of the amazing NENNA, a true musical star with her debut video and single out on March  23rd, 2019. "You Make My Day" is composed by Srdjan Brankovic

Please tell us who is Nenna?
I am a musician, piano player and singer and a huge music lover.

What have you done musically prior to this release and what are you 
currently doing musically?
I play piano since I was 7. Since my very early ages, it was clear that music is my big passion.
I graduated at Music Academy in Belgrade, Serbia, with Master degree in classical piano.
After I graduated, I started to work as a piano teacher in music school.
I find myself to be very open minded musician, so I tried a lot of things. I performed with different chamber ensembles, instrumentalists and vocalists. I extended my interest in performing both classical, jazz, rock...  I shared the stage with a lot of great musicians in many clubs and festivals, spent many months in Austria in different hotels, playing evergreen and jazz music. I also have experience working as a musician on cruise lines. So, as a musician I traveled a lot around many different places.
I was also working as a composer, arranger and a musician for a couple of Theatre peaces in Belgrade.
Now I am starting something that I always wanted, but never did before - working on my own brand and music that I will be standing for, behind the name of NENNA.

Please describe your single.
I think this song can make you feel better. This is how it works for me. It makes me happier and it makes my imagination colorful It makes me feel like the good days are yet to come. It has some summer atmosphere and I love summer. It is full of melody and energy, decorated with the good singing, playing and production. It was composed spontaneous, without the aim to make some commercial success. The video also has many spontaneous moments,  captures the atmosphere of Greek seaside and some Sitonia summer vibe.

What are your future plans?
To get married and have children!  Hahaha... To make music as long as I live, I hope so. We will be recording more songs, because we love it. It makes our lives interesting and fulfilled with some nice energy. I don't expect to be famous, I expect to be happy, and making music is making me happy and making me feel free.
I am satisfied with what I’ve done so far. But, I think that there is much more for me to accomplish with music. And I think that for every artist is important to leave something behind after departing the earth.                Something that in a small way will help future generations, whether that be through music, paint, educational teaching or writing. These are my inspirational thoughts.

Any specific influences towards music or lyric subject?

I am a professional classical pianist, yes - but this time, I didn't want traditional jazz, nor classical music, nor jazz instrumentals..This song is more rock-oriented than anything I’ve done before.  This is made in collaboration with Srdjan Brankovic who composed this song. So, he is the main person who inspired me to go that way. And I like that and I can really put myself into it. I mean, I always was a rock girl, actually, that is my root, if we put beside the school. Beside playing-studing-teaching piano, I was singing in some rock covers bands in the clubs. It was about time for me to start recording that kind of stuff. Beside Diana Krall and Bill Evans, I also always loved and found so inspiring stuff as Dream Theater, Queen, Toto (especially „Falling in between“)...

Who is performing on the recording, how and where was it recorded?
I have a big support here from the members of the band AlogiA, who are really high established in Balkan, when speaking about hard rock. It was recorded in Paradox studio. Srdjan did the production, he played the guitars and the bass. Marko Milojevic played drums. I played keys, piano, main and backing vocals.

Do you have any website or social media links?
Find me on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/nevena.racic.90