The Rock Alchemist is an Italian Rock Band, born in Turin, founded in 2009 by a group of five musicians already active in the Italian music scene. Their intent is to write and play rock music emphasizing the song itself rather than to the individual instruments.  In 2012 come out their first album “Eyes of Mind” with italian label Videoradio, and comes immediately Ranked in Northern Europe on the portal and after reaching the 1st place, remains in the top 10 throughout the spring/summer of 2012.

The single "Guardian Angel" is in first place for two consecutive weeks on the portal Nokia Music Italy.
The "Eyes of Mind" album had very positive reviews from national and international music and fashion magazines
The band played at the Ayrton Senna Tribute at Imola, because "Live or Die" the opening song of the album "Eyes of Mind", was dedicated to the Brazilian driver and played at the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo.
The Rock Alchemist Band have performed during the Monza Rally Show 2015 inside the Monza National Race Track, where they close the awards, playing on the podium.
In 2016, for the new album, born the cooperation with the great UK mixer/producer Chris Sheldon, and the award winning mastering engineer John Webber of the famous AIR Studios in London.
In 2017, the band sign with Lion Music for the release of new album “ Elements “

The New Album
The new album "Elements" is much more direct than the previous.
We had a lot of care in eliminating all the frills, leaving more space for melody. The arrangements are very essential even if the harmonics choices are not foregone.

The main objective in the realization of this work was to produce very compact and easy listening songs.
In some track there are still some return to metal and prog sounds as in "Phoenix" or “Panic Room”, and in others songs there is always the ability of the band to create emotional rock singles/ballad. But overall the sound is Rock.

Throughout the album you can hear influences from 70’ and 90’ Rock more modern sounds through blues and metal.

The songs "27", "Cars", "The Temple" were inspired by the world of motorsport, a theme dear to Band.
"27" dedicated to the F1 Ferrari
"The Temple" is dedicated to the speed temple Monza circuit
"A-Matrix" was inspired by earthquake in Amatrice in 2016
Other songs are inspired by the experience of real life

The songs was written and arranged between 2015 and 2016.
The recording began in the second half of 2016.
It was produced by Frenk S.C and it was mixed in UK by Chris Sheldon (producer of Biffy Clyro and sound engineer of Foo Fighters/Skunk Anansie) that defined a more modern sound.
“Elements” was mastered by John Webber to the historical Air Studio in London

Alchemy, another theme dear to the Band, even back in the aesthetics of the second album.

In the cover of the first album the spiral was the first stage of the our alchemical process in which the elements are mixed. There are spiral from DNA to the Galaxy…the spiral is something unique that has connections in the entire universe. The same title track "Eyes of Mind"  has more circular shapes in both lyric and arrangements.

In the Cover of the album “ Elements ”are represented the “Four” ….elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. The album “ Elements ” is the result in music of all these 4 elements that have passed through our lives.
The armchair of the "Elements" cover is the phase of the alchemical process of “Fixing” that is the inseparable union of the solid with the volatile, as we have tried to combine the music and lyrics of all the songs.

Aldo Garrone – Voice
Beppe Geracitano – Guitars
Dave “Key” Grandieri – Keyboards
Raoul Ronco – Bass
Max Gordiani – Drums

Production credits
Produced By Frenk S.C.
Mixed By Chris Sheldon
Mastered By John Webber
Cover Artwork by Victor Zastolskiy




Panic Room
Thrilling Countdown
The Temple