Book Of Reflections – Chapter II: Unfold The Future (2014 Remix) was originally released in 2006 but producer Lars Eric Mattsson was never really happy with the result so here is a new much improved version with new vocals on five of the tracks and a much better sound in general. Of all three Book of Reflections albums this one is by far the most progressive and varied album.



On the album’s direction, project leader Lars Eric Mattsson comments, “The idea was to continue where the first album ended and take the music a few steps forward. The songs are a little bit less predictable but easier to listen to. It was a long journey as there are many musicians and singers involved. The songs are all good songs with memorable choruses while still not using too many cliché’s”.

When quizzed on his favourite moments of Chapter II: Unfold The Future, Lars states, "The energy of the title track "Unfold the Future" - killer vocals and an almost impossible to play guitar solo and the total opposite: the acoustic "Blink of an Eye". It's all in all a very dynamic album”.

The album is home to a number of top class musicians from the Lion Music roster such as vocalists Bjorn Jansson (Tears Of Anger) and Martin LeMar (Tomorrow’s Eve) who handle 3 songs each. In addition to Mattsson’s fiery fretwork is the guitar talent of Anand Mahangoe (Sphere Of Souls, Solo). Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson) contributes keyboard solos on 4 tracks whilst long time Mattsson collaborator Eddie Sledgehammer plays drums. Mattsson himself handles all other guitars, bass, keyboards and additional vocals.




01. Unfold the Future
02. Bringer of the Torch
03. Free My Soul
04. Heal Me
05. Uncover the Lie
06. Ashes to Ashes
07. Make Sure You Don’t fall
08. Deep Inside
09. Blink of an Eye
10. Got to Get Low
11. Love Conquers All


Lars Eric Mattsson – guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals
Björn Jansson – vocals 1,5,8
Martin LeMar – vocals 2, 6, 9
Anand Mahangoe – first guitar solo 3, main guitar solo 8, first guitar solo 11
Mistheria – keyboard solo 5, 6, 7, 10
Eddie Sledgehammer – drums

Recorded at Constain Studios and Meggido Records in Bogota, Colombia between January and June 2014.

All music written and arranged by Nicolas Waldo