01. Delusion
02.Age Of Annihilation
03.New Horizon
04. My Revelation
05. Skaro
06. A Glass Half Empty
07. Killing Time
08. Face Your Demons
09. The Space Between
10. Powers That Be

Edward Box – Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar
Pete Thompson – Lead Guitar
Gary Foalle – Bass
Lee Lamb - Drums

Recorded at Trinity Heights Studios, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Produced by Vendetta and Fred Purser.
Engineered and Mixed by Fred Purser.


Tyranny Of Minority

World Under Fire



Since their formation in early 2006, Vendetta has gone from strength to strength. 2007’s Tyranny of Minority caught the metal masses unaware - here was a band not just content to reference the old school - they were on a mission to extract the very essence of this timeless style and reignite it for a new age. Inspired and on the up the band has spent the last 18 months carefully crafting their second album and 2009 see’s the release of Heretic Nation.

Containing ten scorching tracks, it takes off where Tyranny of Minority ended and all the hallmarks of the Vendetta sound are present and correct: Crunching guitars, throbbing bass, pounding drums, searing leads and impassioned vocals.

Heretic Nation is a natural progression from Tyranny of Minority both lyrically and musically. Having a permanent drummer in Lee Lamb combined with the band gigging for the past two years has solidified the band and Vendetta are now a more cohesive unit reflected in the overall sound and performances contained within Heretic Nation. One more subtle change to the debut is Heretic Nation being more ‘metal’ containing less of the ‘LA’ influence that was featured on Tyranny of Minority, but it still contains the balance of melody and aggression the band strive for.

On the subject of the band goals with Heretic Nation, Edward Box comments, “essentially it was to build on the positives of the debut but to take on board the criticisms. It was clear the vocals needed to be improved and the drumming pushed to the fore. We feel we have succeeded in harnessing a much better sound for the rhythm section and the vocals have a more aggressive and expansive feel to them. Overall, the album is more focused and tighter”.

Along with an excellent new album, the band have also produced 2 promotional videos for the album. The first of which “My Revelation” has been on YouTube for a couple of months prior to release and gained a superb response from the public. This will be followed up with another performance video for “New Horizon”.

In the final analysis Heretic Nation has a sound that reaches back into a bygone era of melody and finesse. If you haven’t already caught on then now is the time to convert to this most traditional of English metal bands.


• Excellent 2nd album from the UK’s hottest up and coming traditional metal band.
• “My Revelation” video been on YouTube for 3 months prior to release which has scored excellent feedback.
• Further promotional video for “New Horizon” will also be released.
• Vendetta are available for interview via phone or email – to arrange yours contact promo@lionmusic.com
Reviews in all leading rock metal press.