British traditional metal outfit Vendetta are ready to take it to the hilt once more on the 23rd March 2012 with the release of their eagerly awaited third album “World Under Fire”.

Featuring ten scorching tracks, the album has all the hallmarks of its forbearers; blistering solos, pounding drums, steadfast bass and impassioned vocals. Added to this already staple mix is a refined melodic sensibility and additional sonic elements that bring a heightened depth to the band’s sound. From its pulse racing opener “Halo in Black” to the epic “All Your Setting Suns”, it’s clear Vendetta have once again come up trumps and delivered an album that any self respecting metal fan will be proud to own.

On the new music Pete Thompson comments, “Musically the album has many elements that were apparent on our first two releases but we have introduced some new grooves on tracks like “Veil of Empathy” and “We Are Legion”. With the track “All Your Setting Suns” we have attempted our most complex piece of music yet. We weren’t completely happy with the rhythm guitar tone on the last album so we have spent a considerable amount of time getting a heavier sound. In terms of the vocals Ed has gone for a grittier approach and he’s hitting some bigger top notes on some tunes. We have also introduced some sampled dialogue for the first time on the track “Machtpolitik” so there are several new elements to go with the traditional Vendetta sound”.

The bands previous releases have seen Edward Box gain praise for his intelligent lyrics, an area which once again been given a lot of thought, Edward comments, “In terms of the lyrical approach, a lot has been happening in the world since our last album was written so we’ve tried to touch on some of those issues. The track “Blast Radius” is about the effect of the global recession and the arrogance that led to it and “Lords of Chaos” is an attack on the world of finance and banking. Tracks like “Halo in Black” and “Veil of Empathy” deal with different aspects of celebrity culture and the other songs touch on more typically Vendetta themes such an the inner psyche state or the joys of Heavy Metal!”.

Hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the industrial north east of England, Vendetta was formed in late 2005. Guitarist Edward Box had already released two solo albums on Lion Music (“Plectrumhead” and “Moonfudge”) but had grown tired of the genre and so wanted to try out some vocal inspired material he had written. Calling on his old friends, guitarist Pete Thompson and bass player Gary Foalle after just one practice one thing became clear; to do the songs justice, forming a fully armed and operational band was the only option. Drummer Mick Robson was seconded from fellow rockers 300 ft Gorilla to help out and the job of learning Box’s compositions began in earnest. By summer 2006 the band was ready to record and twelve tracks were completed over a hot August. Ed’s first port of call was Lion Music and a deal was swiftly hooked up. “Tyranny of Minority” hit the racks in September 2007 and it was indisputably apparent that the band knew their genre inside out. From the anthemic “Generation Kill” to the bone crushing “I Executioner”, the album was a carefully crafted calling card that received a series of first rate reviews.

Around this time the band sought the services of a permanent drummer and Lee Lamb was swiftly recruited to the ranks. With his hard driving and no nonsense style, Lee fitted in straight away so the band drew on this new found energy and wasted no time in booking a series of gigs. These culminated in a special guest appearance at the Storming the Castle Festival in Northumberland and headline shows at their local 02 Academy in the heart of Newcastle. In between live work the band also set about writing album number two. The time spent gigging had really made them gel as a unit and contributions and ideas came thick and fast from all members. Released in November 2009, “Heretic Nation” was received with open arms by the metal community and made several critics’ year end lists. Consistent and focused, it featured an array of world class tunes and the band produced videos for the tracks “My Revelation”, “New Horizon” and “Killing Time”. Of particular note was the improved rhythm section and vocals. Vendetta had heeded some of the criticisms levied at their debut and had responded accordingly.

After more live work the band got down to the business of creating a new record. However this coincided with a series of personal setbacks for various members and so it became clear that album number three would have a difficult gestation period. Turning adversity into a rallying cry the band called upon on every ounce of its professionalism to deliver what is their best work yet – “World Under Fire”.

01. Convergence.
02. Halo in Black.
03. Machtpolitik.
04. Veil of Empathy.
05. Blast Radius.
06 Lords of Chaos.
07. Fragmented Reality.
08. The Ghost Inside.
09. All Your Setting Suns.
10. We are Legion.

Edward Box – Guitar and Vocals
Pete Thompson – Guitar
Gary Foalle – Bass
Lee Lamb - Drums


• Third album from one of the UK hottest up and coming traditional metal bands.
• Essential listening for fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Heaven & Hell etc.
• Promo video for 'Halo In Black' now on YouTube.
• Reviews in leading rock press (printed and web) and adverts at key marketing locations.
• Vendetta are available for interview. Requests to


Tyranny Of Minority

Heretic Nation

Edward Box