A blast from the past! 16 of Lars' songs from the 1985-87 era. These songs have been released before under the name "Let Me Rock You" but these new mixes are much better, so enjoy!

In Lars Eric Mattsson's own words:

When I released my first album “Eternity” in 1988 I had been making demos and performing a big selection of original music for five years already, mostly with my bands JOE COOL and ETERNITY but as I was so tired of them once I had secured a record deal I chose to write new material very fast instead. After having revisited the original demos many years later I came to the conclusion that there were some cool stuff that was never recorded in a good way and I should give it a shot. This almost 68 minute long 16 track album mostly focuses on the material I wrote in second half of this period although “Kiss the Sky”, “Run From Yourself”, “I Love to Rock” and “Clowns” dates back from early 1984.

”Leave Me Alone” ”I am the Torch” and ”Crusaders” were written in 1987. My band at the time, Eternity made a demo of them and we played them live a number of times.

”In Your Crystal Ball”, ”When it’s Time for Me to Go” and ”Stormchild” were demoed in 1986 but probably never performed live. The intro section of ”Stormchild” which I did not like very much has now been replaced with the theme from another unfinished song from this era.

”Always Get Burned” and ”Kiss the Sky” dates back to 1984 when I first demoed them but both were later also demoed and performed live my by band ”Eternity” in 1987. I even did a version of ”Kiss the Sky” for my 1988 debut album but chose not to include it for some reason.

”Clowns” (1984), ”Run From Yourself (1984)” and ”I Love to Rock (1985)” were written for and performed by my band ”Joe Cool”. ”I Love to Rock” (which originally featured a drum solo) was really just meant as a joke, and still is, though I think this new version turned out quite cool but it’s not to be taken too seriously!

“Let Me Rock You” and ”Take Me Home” were released on a vinyl single by my band ”Eternity” in 1987. In the two previous years I had made several versions of ”Take Me Home” with different intros and tempos and I think it should have appeared on my debut album if it wasn’t for the fact that I had got too tired of it at the time.

”Witches Burning” and ”The Final Poem” were recorded in 1987 and released on a tape cassette mini solo album (The Final Poem) the same year. “Witches Burning” on this release is very different from the original which I did not have access to when I recorded this new version, so it’s all more or less just as I remembered itJ This self released mini album led me to my first recording contracts in Japan and Europe.

”Open Up Your Heart” (1985) was also preformed live by ”Eternity” but written as a possible solo album idea.



01. Leave Me Alone
02. Crusaders
03. In Your Crystal Ball
04. Open Up Your Heart
05. Stormchild

06. Take Me Home

06. I am the Torch
07.Run From Yourself
08. I am the Torch
09. When it's Time foe Me to Go
10. Clowns
11. Witches Burning
12. Kiss the Sky
13. Let Me Rock You
14. Always Get Burned
15. The Final Poem
16. I Love to Rock

Lars Eric Mattsson - All vocals, guitars, bass.
Christer Jansson - Drums and percussion.
Alexander King - Hammond Organ.

Production, Mixing and Mastering by Lars Eric Mattsson.
All music and lyrics written by Lars Eric Mattsson.
Composed 1984-87 and Recorded and mixed at the New Lion’s Cage during various periods between 1985-2014. Final mixing and mastering January 2020.