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On the new album 'Change Of Track' singer Mattias and founder/guitarist Janne Stark have collaborated more in the song writing process, which definitely shows on the material.  The songs are still heavy and guitar driven, but with a stronger melodic feel and choruses that stick like epoxy. Change Of Track' contains catchy melodies as well as biting guitar work and heavy riffing and proves the Scandie Metal Scene is still thriving.

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13 tracks, RT: 55:32
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Man, this thing rules. I'd heard Locomotive Breath in the past but the band has definitely hit on something special with CHANGE OF TRACK. I've had this disc for months but the review never got written until now because I've just kept on playing and cranking it. It isn't so much that the sound is unique -- I'd maybe compare it to heavy Dokken and Skid Row's SLAVE TO THE GRIND, with some Zakk Wylde guitar moments and a singer who sorta sounds like a throatier version of Jeff Scott Soto -- as it is the songs just freakin' ROCK! The opening 1-2-3 punch of "H.M.M." (stands for "Heavy Mental Meltdown"), "Shadow," and "What I've Become" just rules, and this will always get big thumb's up from me. And it's all top-notch borderline hard rock/heavy metal the rest of the way, too. The band members -- singer Mattias Osback, guitarist Janne Stark, bassist Marcel Jacob, and drummer Ted Wernersson -- are all expertly skilled and it shows. They stand tall on their own merits but call in guest stars Hank Shermann, Mattias "IA" Eklundh, Tommy Denander, and Lars Eric Mattsson for, as the press kit describes it, a "guitar orgy" of a closing instrumental track, "Gargleblaster," that's dedicated to "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" author
Douglas Adams. Awesome, awesome album. - Tim Wadzinski (tsw512@yahoo.com)

Detritus Rock/Metal e-zine
"Rock Hard With A Purpose"



Change Of Track

(Lion Music)

Reviewed by : Martin Popoff www.bravewords.com
Rating : 9.0

Locomotive Breath is the domain of axe legend Janne Starke, leaden lead-poisoner from Overdrive, whose Swords And Axes album is one of the great unsung metal platters of the ‘80s. Now onto record #3, the band has raised the stadium rock quotient, elegant and regal lead singer Mattias Osback more part of the writing process than on the comparatively oppressive Heavy Machinery, his debut with the band. Fact is, I’m playing this damn record all the time these days, Change Of Track being a near heavenly cross between Masterplan, Ark and Jorn Lande solo, touched by the golden wand of European hair metal from the ‘80s, grounded by the heaviest, player-concerned material from the L.A. scene ’83 to ’91. Heavy, punchy, bloody smart about all things metal, this record just moves from strength to strength, even if Osback says some very strange things (see opener ‘H.M.M.’). But the damn thing is just sparkly, hugely groovy, guitar-mad but rhythmic. And if listening to all those guys compete for the spotlight ain’t enough fun for you, Osback jumps intotheashing ‘Speed Driven’ and the heavy yet touching ‘What I’ve Become’, which concerns doing well enough to please one’s father. Knocked off a lone mark, due to a sameyness of structure (basically too much of a good thing). Weirdly (I always scrunch up when people say this), I might have liked this better as a ten or 11 track album, but I damn well love it anyway.


The Swedish band LOCOMOTIVE BREATH has been on the scene for over a decade now, with every now and then a new CD release. The latest release ‘Change of track’ might well be their best effort so far. This album is filled with superb high quality music which is a mix of classic 80s Melodic Hardrock and traditional Melodic European Power Metal, kinda like a mix between TALISMAN and NOCTURNAL RITES. Their albums had a certain more groovy Hardrock approach, but with this new album it seems that LOCOMOTIVE BREATH has chosen for a more melodic tougher rock/metal sound, not far away actually from the classic ALLEN/LANDE delivered recently. Still the guitarwork is big and fat, adding that kinda touch a good strong melodic hardrock album needs to have. The mixture of heavy fat guitarwork, superb vocalwork a la JEFF SCOTT SOTO and strong melodic choruses (a la NOCTURNAL RITES) make this album a true winner for all fans of melodic rock/metal. Absolute highlights between the 13 included tracks are “Shadow” (fantastic), “What I’ve become” (superb), “Speed driven”, “Firestarter”, “Phyxius”, “Kingdom of tragedy” and “I’ll be fighting”. Most of the songs are uptempo and without a doubt this time bandleader of LOCOMOTIVE BREATH (and Swedish Rock/Metal guru) JANNE STARK has delivered a masterpiece in the Swedish Rock/Metal genre, so better check it out asap!

(Points: 8.9 out of 10) www.angelfire.com/zine2/gk/HOTNEWREVIEWS.htm

Lion Music

by: MICK BURGESS www.metalexpressradio.com

Lion Music Do you ever get sick and tired of changing genres and sub-genres and cross-overs of this and that? Do you hark back to the more straightforward days where when you bought a Hard Rock album you knew what you were getting? Well, the new Locomotive Breath album, Change of Track, could be just what you have been waiting to find.

Swedish-based Locomotive Breath released their first album back in 1997, playing a Melodic Hard Rock/Progressive Metal style. 2005 sees the release of their third album, which marks the debut of former Malmsteen and Talisman bassist, Marcel Jacob.

Marcel Jacob makes his presence felt in the song writing department, with songs that are hard-edged, yet deliciously melodic. The sound of Locomotive Breath could be described as Talisman with the smooth edges sawn off, with a touch of Black Label Society attitude chucked in for good measure.

The real jewel of the band has to be vocalist Mattias Osback, who comes on like a raw version of Jeff Scott Soto. This guy has real soul in his voice, but with a gritty-edged power to it. In the current climate of whiney Power-Pop and growly Nu-Metal/Death Metal/New Wave of something or other Metal, it is so refreshing to hear a singer who can belt out a decent tune in such a convincing and passionate fashion.

Change of Track kicks off in convincing style with “H.M.M.” What H.M.M means is in question, but that doesn't matter one jot as this track is a real shitkicker. A word of warning, however, do not drive with this on in your car as it’s impossible to listen to this track without planting the accelerator straight to the floor. The bizarre lyrics add a twist to the song ... "People talk and track and shoot on your bloated chest … watch you eat a hamster, puts my stomach to the test!" What does that all mean?? Who cares !!! This is a great way to open up an album. One could almost imagine Dave Wyndorf and Monster Magnet kicking themselves for not writing this first.

“Shadow” follows and treads a more straightforward, mid-paced melodic style with Osbacks’ Jeff Scott Soto style emulated to maximum effect. Guitarist Janne Stark comes up with the icing on the cake in the form of a particularly fine solo in the mid-section of the song.

The heavy riffing included in “What I’ve Become” belies the agonising lyrical content of a son desperate for his father’s recognition and approval. The lyrics themselves are poignant and could quite easily sit comfortably within the context of a touching ballad. If this is an auto-biographical piece, then surely the father concerned can look at Change of Track with a sense of pride.

The first of the albums two ballads, “Leaving My Heart With You,” follows but doesn’t quite hit the heights of the preceding tracks. The same cannot be said of “Speed Driven,” which features perhaps the most aggressive riff on the disc, yet is welded together by a finely harmonized chorus.

“Feel My Rage” is another romping thunderfest, powered along by some thumping double bass drum work by Ted Wernerson.

“High on Illusion” is one of the album's many highlights, where everything really does click in to place. Again, this kicks off with a fine riff that could well be heard the length and breadth of guitar shops across the land. In keeping with the rest of the album, there is a particularly effective harmony vocal to the chorus. The verse is reminiscent to Marching Out-era Malmsteen and the same could be said of “Kingdom of Tragedy.”

Album closer, the instrumental “Gargleblaster” features a plethora of guests, including Hank Sherman (Mercyful Fate), Mattias Eklundh (from the excellent Freak Kitchen), Tommy Deander (Radioactive) and solo star Lars Eric Mattson book results in a guitarfest tribute to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy author, Douglas Adams.

Locomotive Breath have produced a thoroughly enjoyable album full of great riffs, top class melodies, and harmonies topped off by a superb vocal performance ... and if you want to hear a great Hard Rock album you’d be hard pushed to find a better example than Change of Track.

Locomotive Breath - Change of track

Sweden Rock Mag journalist and former guitarist of the Swedish 80´s rock band Overdrive,Janne Stark - keeps going strong with his new baby Locomotive Breath.
"Change of track" is in fact the 3rd album from LB - the band consists of Janne on Guitars,Mattias Osbäck-Vocals,Ted Wernersson-Drums and Talisman bassman Marcel Jacobs who´s helping out on the new album.
We´re talking melodic hard rock with lots of 80´s vibes,I haven´t heard the debut "Train of events" from 1997 but I have the previous album "Heavy machinery" (2002) in my collection and I think the new album is a bit better.
One reason is that Stark had the good sense of including 2 ballads on "Change of track" which HM totally lacks of and the more heavy songs also feels stronger on the new album.
If Dio and Talisman had a baby it would be called Locomotive Breath,all freaks of guitar extravaganza will be pleased to hear that the album ends with the instrumental guitar orgy "Gargleblaster" which features guest appearances from Hank Shermann (Fate),Tommy Denander,Mattias Ia Eklundh (Freak Kitchen) and Lars Eric Mattsson.
Good album!


Lion Music (2005) www.lionmusic.com

    The third album by the band centred around vocalist Mattias and founder/guitarist Janne Stark, joined by ex-Yngwie Malmsteen/ current Talisman bassist Marcel Jacob, with drummer Ted Wernersson completing the line-up. A few guests pop up as well including Hank Shermann (FORCE OF EVIL/MERCYFUL FATE/FATE), Tommy Denander (RADIOACTIVE) and Lars Eric Mattsson (MATTSSON).
   If you hanker after no frills hard rock meets classic metal then this band have it in spades. Juts check out opener ‘H.M.M.’ (Heavy Metal Madness!), with its driving riffs and pounding backing rhythm. In fact until track four, the ballad– ‘Leaving My Heart With You’ – it is a roller coaster ride of driving guitar and powerful vocals. The songs stick in your mind after just a few plays and only a couple of tracks miss the spot for me, mainly the last track the instrumental ‘Gargleblaster’ that is okay once but more for the guitar fans out there.

   Great hard rocking album by a band who certainly deserve more exposure and fans. Bring it on!



Jason Ritchie  www.getreadytorock.com

Locomotive Breath – Change of Track

2005 Lion Music

First off all, these guys ain’t a Tull cover band, but their name certainly entitles their snappy metal sound. But to put it more precisely, Locomotive Breath’s music is fueled by the dark melodies ala Sabbath and Spiritual Beggars, but yet the speed of their music is plastered upon the groove driven artistry of Soul Sirkus and Pink Cream 69, easily putting their knack forward for song driven melodic metal; no cheese factor here folks.

Musically they blend the mantras for metal praise with ‘H.M.M,’ anthem choruses with both ‘Shadow’ and ‘Speed Driven,’ balladry with ‘Leaving My Heart With You,’ and a blues approach with ‘Chains Around Heaven’ (the heavy reverberated guitar adds a nice touch), making ‘Change of Track’ more than just any typical heavy AOR record, it really packs a punch with the thick guitar crunch providing the backdrop for the hard driving rhythm section, putting the axe attack of Janne Starkat the forefront where he switches gears between his metal god guitar riffs and his blues rock approach to provide more than just any typical six string slinging only to compliment the vocals of Mattias Osbäck, whose pipes sound like a baritone Jeff Scott Soto. There is even an homage of sorts to Maiden with ‘Gargleblaster,’ so the record does have its changes from track to track, lacking redundancy. All in all, ‘Change of Track’ represents the heavier and darker side of AOR; nothing wrong with that

Added: October 15th 2005
Reviewer: Tommy Hash   www.ytsejam.com
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LOCOMOTIVE BREATH – “Change of Track”, 205 (Lion Music)

It’s been about ten years since guitar maestro Janne Stark formed LOCOMOTIVE BREATH from the ashes of classic metal band OVERDRIVE. This latest incarnation of the band could be parenthetically named the Janne Stark Project, as none of the original LB members are left from the early days. But don’t be fooled by the changing lineup; these guys never fail to deliver searing, guitar-driven hard rock and “Change of Track” may be their best album yet.

From the very first note, Stark and the boys demonstrate that melodic hard rock is alive and well (at least in Sweden), combining the classy metal muscle of later ARMORED SAINT with the lip-smacking sweetness of early 80s RAINBOW. Lyrically, don't be expecting Phil Mogg-style train obsessions as this band primarily focuses on topics like growing older and wiser, struggling to make ends meet, and dealing with the shortcomings of others. Frankly, the lack of lyrical pretentiousness is quite refreshing. Vocalist Mattias Osbäck belts it out just like your favorite 70s-era crooners (particularly Gillian and Hughes). The weighty, accomplished riffery blasting from all sides in tracks like “Shadow” and “Firestarter” actually moved me enough to renounce my entire Shrapnel catalog! Well, except the LE MANS record. And the STEELER, gotta hold on to that. Hate to get rid of the CULPRIT disc, but you get the idea. At any rate, Stark shreds like a Euro-demon throughout, and is joined on an instrumental track by MERCYFUL FATE's Hank Shermann and FREAK KITCHEN's Mattias Ia Eklundh. It would appear that this is going out to be a good year for melodic hard rock with the STARBREAKER disc and now this latest from LOCOMOTIVE BREATH. Buy it today and mullet the blue sky.

- Peacedogman   www.peacedogman.com


I have been waiting for this Swedish band to end up on the great label Lion Music. Now they have done so and this is also their third album and absolutely their best. I must admit that I haven't been so involved with the music of Locomotive Breath, but with this new superb effort “Change Of Track” everything will change from now on. Talk about a perfect collaboration and excellent combination between singer Mattias Osbäck and founder/guitarist Janne Stark. The songs they've manage to create, have a strong magic appeal and show the band from a new heavy and fantastic melodic side with roaring and at some times furious driving guitars. Marcel Jacob (Talisman) delivers some mega-cool flavours to the sound with his way of playing bass. I also want to give the drums some extra gold stars, they sound exactly like they should do on a melodic classic hardrock/metal album like this really is. “Change Of Track” is tighter than David Lee Roths spandex pants during the 80s era. The album also shows some very strong catchy muscles throughout the whole production. As an extra autumn spice the band had the opportunity to through in some extra energy to the songs due to the amount of professional guest musicians (I leave them as a surprise for you to discover when you buy this album). Locomotive Breath sounds fresh with an International and Scandinavian mix and it is packed with the extra amount of hooks that get stuck inside your head. This is nothing to think about anymore, just grab some money and get it straight away before someone else does.


Johnny Forslund     www.aordreamzones.com

Locomotive Breath - Change Of Track (Lion Music) By: Joe Florez www.live4metal.com
This is the third round for these melodic rock Swedes. I have only heard the name, but never had the opportunity to check them out until now. As usual, members come and go, but what I dug about this band already was the fact that the old bassist was replaced with ex-Talisman/Yngwie thumper Marcel Jacobs. If you have ever heard his work, then you know he can pound away with plenty of groove. Just in case you were wondering, yes the name was taken from a Jethro Tull number. Now, onto the show. “H.M.M. (Heavy Metal Meltdown)” is a very hard rocking opener with catchy bits tossed in. It’s pretty simplistic and easy to follow with a heavy drummer. What’s weird is that in the middle of the song it 
does lose a little momentum and drags, but it ends up picking up steam once again. Vocalist Mattias Osback has a very rough, yet understandable, voice which works perfect here because this is high energy and we have no time to be wimping out. As we move on, the guys keep everything on the up and up. What I like here is that guitarist Janne Stark puts a lot of muscle into these compositions. He manages quite well to incorporate melody and force, and make it sound perfect because you know most people who play this style like to keep it all happy and attitude free. This one has it all. As usual, you always have to have a ballad when you pump out a record like this. “Leaving My Heart With You” contains some nice background and harmony vocals. Lyrically, this comes off very 80s like with the typical cheesy lines, but if we had a time machine and if a video was made back in 1987 this would have been played all over MTV. The real ear grabber here is the final track “Gargleblaster.“ This is by far the funkiest and rhythmic track on the album. It features some guest performers from Freak Kitchen, The Bones, Lars Eric Mattsson, and the almighty Hank Shermann. 
I think what sucks in the current scene is that too many bands want to play it safe with their music because they want exposure around the world and want their stuff distributed all over the globe. So, they do what the corporate office want them too. In this case, I would hunt high and low for this band and even pay an import price because they play melodic hard rock the way it supposed to be played and they hold back. Think is Talisman, but just not as groovy. Everyone pours their heart and soul into the effort and it shows. 
www.lionmusic.com | www.locomotivebreath.net 


Locomotive Breath – Change Of Track

                     © 2005 Lion Music
Reviewed by Dave Palmer www.heavymetalresource.com

I would have to say that the signing of rockers Locomotive Breath to Lion Music was another great idea. This band plays it straight up and raw. 'Change of Track' is the bands third album. The music would be classified as hard rock with a slight classic feel in my opinion. You get a few different feels in the music, but it never gets what I would classify as experimental. You can break the type of sound on the album into mid-tempo rockers and more laid back, lighter numbers. The larger portion is obviously falling into the heavier sound with tracks such as 'Shadow', 'Speed Driven', 'Firestarter', and the album closer 'Gargleblaster' showing a bit more flash or punch depending on what you want to call it. The latter being an instrumental jam session that comes across pretty accessible. There are also the lighter numbers I mentioned earlier which include 'Leaving my Heart with You' and 'Chains around Heaven'. Not a lot of lighter stuff, but what is here is pretty cool nonetheless. There are some pretty cool guest musicians on this record as well. Hank Shermann of Mercyful Fate, Mattias Eklundh of Freak Kitchen, Tommy Denander of Radioactive, and Lars Eric Mattsson of Mattsson all lend a hand in the instrumental-fest 'Gargleblaster' which we have mentioned previously. Also, definitely worth mentioning is the addition of Marcel Jacob on Bass. Fans will recognize Jacob from his years with Talisman as well as Yngwie Malmsteen. Not to bad if you ask me. It may be called 'Change of Track', but I don't think you will have to change the track too much, it's pretty solid all of the way through.


While this band has already made a name for itself in other parts of the world, it's nice of Lion Music to get their third album out to the fans and make it easier for us fans in the States to get a copy. The band sticks to a mostly hard rock sound that can be memorable upon a first listen. Musicianship is great as is the guest listing. The album is well rounded and should bring in more fans which really is the goal. Good stuff!


Locomotive Breath are blending hard rock, melodic metal and a buit of progressive. The hard rock influence is maybe the one you'll catch instantly but don,t think about Poison & the likes, it's way more heavy than that. Hard drivin' guitar riff from start to finish! Strong heavy groove, powerfull vocals and a very strong guitar sound. Crystal clear and powerfull as hell! Tobe honest the only tracks I don,t like are the 2 ballads. I my opinion that doesn't really fits on this record. Having said that, the killer guitar riff of 'High on illusion', the catchy chorus of 'Shadows' , the intensity of 'I'll be fighting' and the amazing guitar work of 'Gargleblaster' definitly deserve your full attention. Fans of hard rock will be please by this strong work of guitars and hooks!

Patrick   www.thedarkesthours.com


Locomotive Breath – Change Of Track
A journalist of some note, Janne Stark  is also a guitarist of some weight and class combining crunch and melody to telling effect, as is obvious from even the most cursory listen to the band that is his vision.
With Marcel Jacob on bass and with guests of the calibre such as Hank Shermann, Mattias la Eklundh and Tommy Denander gracing proceedings; see the Douglas Adams homage "Gargleblaster" for further details, "Change of Track" simply smokes from start to finish.
Opener "H.M.M." rolls down the track with narrow eyed intent, vocalist Mattias Osback beating chest in time honoured fashion and sounding akin to Human Race's ( what ever happened to etc?)Stefano Marchesini in the process as Stark peels off riff upon riff of Mark Reale proportions.
"Shadow" drives in off a riff Accept would sell Udo for, employing drama and crunch with equal flair and all blossoming into a huge hook. The kind of track repeat buttons were designed for and worth the price of admission alone.
"What I've become" races a la Riot and nails the target with a superb hook as does the controlled drive of "Speed Demon", while "Firestarter" is Rainbow with a demon on it's shoulder.
Locomotive Breath  blows the bloody doors off.

(Andrew Paul) Destiny Records